Fabulous page from Weird Worlds #25 comic book (1954)


11 Responses to “Fabulous page from Weird Worlds #25 comic book (1954)”

  1. Timothy Krause says:

    Poor Harry Osborn! I mean, um, Henry Osborn!

  2. Kevin Pierce says:

    Everyone knows Martians look like this:

  3. Bray_beast says:

    Not the body of a man from Earth. Not the face of the one you love.

  4. -hms- says:

    I prefer the sequel, The Women From Venus

  5. PhosPhorious says:

    Well, if Mars is peopled by vegetables, then it’s only fair, I guess that Earth should be vegetabled by Martians.

  6. mikei says:

    Yeah, I know them.  They go out at night, eating cars.

  7. Personally I didn’t think of They Live but rather the fantastic opening scene from the Twilight Zone movie:

  8. billstewart says:

    Obviously the coffee was too strong.  

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