Have yourself 3D-scanned and turned into a human gummi

FabCafe, a 3D printed confectioner in Shibuya, Tokyo, is offering nine lucky blokes the chance to have their bodies 3D scanned and rendered in gummi, the most wondrously magical of all the edible substances. It's in honor of White Day, the Japanese give-your-female-lover-a-present holiday on March 14 (they also did custom chocolate-lollies of one's 3D scanned head for V-Day). These are so amazingly amazing and they point the way to a future where cheap scanners will render entire rooms as voxels to be output in gummi, wherein you can pay to be encased while you slowly, deliciously eat your way out. Coming soon to a Shibuya Love Hotel near you (maybe).

Chew on this: FabCafe lets you create a gummy replica of yourself for White Day (via OhGizmo)


  1. “It’s in honor of White Day, the Japanese give-your-male-lover-a-present holiday on March 14”

    Actually I think in Japan Valentine’s Day is for women to give gifts to men. White Day is for men to give gifts to women. The Japanese seem to like reciprocity.

    I’m guessing a day for women to give gifts to men wouldn’t fly in the United States.

    1.  As long as there was one in the other direction as well, I doubt there would be an issue. Especially since we already have something close. (Father’s Day, Mother’s Day)

    2. This is correct. It’s also not specific to lovers – on Valentine’s day, women give chocolates to all the men in their workplace (as well as higher-quality chocolates to their loved ones), and on White Day, men are supposed to give something back.

    3.  Confirmed.
      Valentines is women giving chocolate to their lovers/people they want to be lovers (“honmei choco” or real-feelings chocolate), as well as coworkers, classmates, etc(“giri choco” or obligation chocolate)

      March 14, White Day, is for men to return the gifts they received on V-day – called white day because of the specific foods that the candy companies were trying to push when they invented it.

      1. Drape a long, tissue thin piece of fabric paper across yourself, and allow the shredder to slowly pull it in, trailing the material sensuously along your body as it undresses you.

        Also, that shredder motor can produce a pretty powerful vibration.

        (That was easy.  Wanna try again?  Rule 34 rocks.  Usually.)

      2. In a pinch the cord can make a handy cockring.
        The weight of the unit can be suspended by it.

        It really does depend on what floats your boat… and a little imagination.
        I have friends that will no longer accompany me into any home improvement store….

      3. Ya know, when a man comes on the TV, trying to tell me how white my shirts could be, and, well, I can’t get no satisfaction either.

  2. “Coming soon to a Shibuya Love Hotel near you (maybe).”I could not be convinced to taste the walls of a love motel. No.

    1. Weird. This uploader not available in your country. Hell, I’m in Texas! It should fucking well be availabe in my country!! :)

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