If you like surreal Photoshop jokes, LiarTownUSA is the tumblog for you

Every single thing on Sean Tejaratchi's blog is magnificent 'shoop genius. Twitter: @shittingtonuk.


  1. As soon as I saw Barkley, I knew a good portion of my afternoon was in danger of being “wasted”.

    1. You’re bound to find that occasionally. I suggest you lie down and apply a cold compress.

    2. Maybe a few of them.  But most–especially the TV show descriptions at the bottom–are fucking hilarious and pitch perfect.

  2. funny are these

    It’s rather easy to get conditioned to awesomeness these days, but thanks for ripping off that scab, Zeni. My sense of wonder and deranged possibilities bleeds afresh.

  3. This is quality! Last time I was this pleased was when I discovered the Office of National Importance.

  4. “pork dillingers” particularly got under my skin. i was trying to figure out why, and it just occurred to me: i was thinking of pork rillettes.

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