If you like surreal Photoshop jokes, LiarTownUSA is the tumblog for you


21 Responses to “If you like surreal Photoshop jokes, LiarTownUSA is the tumblog for you”

  1. Roose_Bolton says:

    As soon as I saw Barkley, I knew a good portion of my afternoon was in danger of being “wasted”.

  2. Chris A says:

    these are unfunny

  3. Jorpho says:

    The “Trending Now” bits are only just barely unbelievable.  Impressive.

  4. Timothy Krause says:

    funny are these

    It’s rather easy to get conditioned to awesomeness these days, but thanks for ripping off that scab, Zeni. My sense of wonder and deranged possibilities bleeds afresh.

  5. Chris Brewer says:

    Mmm, Winter Champs. Yum!

  6. Gyrofrog says:

    Oh bless you, bless you…

    EDIT: “Vinegar Husbands”

  7. joe k. says:

    Give Baldy Your Tit!

  8. Xof says:

    I am certain I have driven by that shopping center in Burbank. Both times.

  9. Steve Taylor says:

    This is quality! Last time I was this pleased was when I discovered the Office of National Importance.

  10. bill_mcgonigle says:

    The “cute dog” routine doesn’t fool Blade.

  11. pjcamp says:

    Spanish Turts! I been lookin’ for those!

  12. retchdog says:

    “pork dillingers” particularly got under my skin. i was trying to figure out why, and it just occurred to me: i was thinking of pork rillettes.

  13. class_enemy says:

    It was the Gladwell books that did it for me.  Thanks for the link, Xeni.

  14. Mmm…. Shrimp quarantines. Just like mom used to make.

  15. Oh Christ!  I had to actually close the tab before I woke the whole house with my convulsive, pants-shitting laughter.  Wow!  I needed that!

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