Pyrobar: flaming, booze-dispensing art-car seeks Kickstarter funds for refurb

The Pyrobar, a roving, flaming, booze-dispensing art-car that's a staple of Burning Man, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter, and needs to raise another $4,000 or so in maintenance funds to help refurbish and improve it for this summer's festivities:

The Pyrobar started its charmed life in 2004 with a collective of artists called Clan Destino. This raucous Santa Barbara based performance group had built a few art cars for the famed Burning Man festival, with this one being built under the namesake to be the grandest and last under their tutelage. In this vision, they took a 1975 chevy RV and ripped it up and warped into a roving box of splendid adult entertainment. After a few strong years of providing to the Playa and beyond, this trusty steed was left in a lonely, Reno storage lot, waiting for its next life. That day came in 2010 when its current owners, Mark and Corinna, heard the calling from afar, and acted on on it immediately. Pyrobar's next phase took it to a new aesthetic height and direction, reflecting the mystic and wacky stylings of an Afghani jingle truck with a constantly growing degree of detail and offerings.

PYROBAR - 3.0.2. - Ignite Burning Man's Favorite Flame (Thanks, Marc!)


  1. Saying it’s a “staple of Burning Man” is a bit hyperbolic – most people who go have never heard of or seen this project, and the event would go on exactly the same with or without it… There’s probably 200 art cars in this exact same need of funding for repairs right now.

  2. If it’s not registered and street legal, it is NOT an art car, it’s a parade float.  What we have here is a parade float, folks.

    Also, soliciting money so you can swan around the playa = pathetic.

  3. Oh gentlemen.. sassiness aside, this is a fine, street legal automotive art project which is seeking the usual cultural channels to crowd source funds for a major overhaul.  The Moms are far away and there are many in the confines of the BRC that have spun on it, hung from it, drank with it, and danced their asses off of it. There are huge buses that go to the burn that get missed due to the shear scale of the event. As for swanning, yes, most certainly!, pathetic, well, not sure, we use this car for fund raisers for cancer victims, arts events in our town, regional Burning Man events, taking the handicapped on art tours when on the playa.. not to mention serving over 3000 drinks to the parched for FREE every year.  So, asking for a little help in the ether when in need is simply being resourceful . If you don’t like the culture or crowd sourcing, focus on something else that inspires.  2 cents, Mark,co-owner of the Pyrobar.

      1. Thanks for the kudos banana man.  This is good piece of interactive art, that means no harm, just charm.  We all work very hard to bring this beast around, and want to do it for years to come. 

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