Toronto Mayor Rob Ford accused of grabassing, letching on former election rival


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  1. greenberger says:

    and this is on boing boing why…?

    • Andrew Walsh says:

       Because Cory was born in Toronto.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:


      If this post is the most recent one on the front page, close your browser. When you re-open it, you’ll find a world of new posts. We had a caching bug that refreshing/ reloading doesn’t affect.

    • Marko Serafinowicz says:

      One of the largest (and kewlest) cities in North America has an absolute buffoon for a mayor who never stops topping himself in the idiocy department. It’s newsy. 

      Though in this case, it looks rather more like Thomson has lost her marbles. Ford’s dumb, but he’s not quite that dumb. I mean, believe it or not, there are limits to the stupid depths to which he can plumb.

      Aren’t there?

      • EH says:

        Perhaps if he had a shred of competency, Toronto’s large and kewl might be negatively affected. The city could very well be better off as long as he doesn’t die and make room for someone with ambition.

      • C W says:

        “Ford’s dumb, but he’s not quite that dumb. I mean, believe it or not, there are limits to the stupid depths to which he can plumb.”

        Spoken like someone who truly hasn’t been paying attention.

      • No. He’s a raging alcoholic with anger and impulse control issues who is possibly, and I’m not even kidding, slightly mentally challenged. There’s no bottom for this guy.

      • foobar says:

        The man drives while trying to read.

      • l337n00b says:

        Ass grabs don’t have a lot to do with smart, they have to do with impulse control and with a sense of entitlement.  Since Ford has no impulse control at all and has a massive sense of entitlement, this is hardly a surprise.

        Also, if they did have something to do with smarts, it would be impossible for me to believe that Ford was not dumb enough.  He’s really stone-stupid.

    • Gilbert Wham says:

       Cos Cory’s from Toronto, and seems proud of the fact, and this guy is fucking up his hometown? Or, you know, just because?

    • bardfinn says:

      Bumblefuck is an ongoing saga of “Dear God Why?”. Your only sin is in failing to assign the reaction to one level of meta lower.

    • Pickleschlitz says:

      It’s here because it’s a really funny photo

    • Vinnie Tesla says:

       You didn’t spot the banana in that photo?

  2. Brainspore says:

    The shirt discoloration and pained expression make a lot more sense when you see the photo taken moments later.

  3. toyg says:

    Is “Rob Ford” canadian lingo for “Boris Eltsin”?

  4. Will Sarah Thomson become Canada’s Anita Hill?

  5. Jonathan Colvin says:

    He’s auditioning for Walking dead for the part “zombie who just ate three people”

  6. marcus jaan grundahl says:

    Rob Ford has scheduled a press conference to refute these scurrilous  allegations at his van down by the river.

  7. Missy Pants says:

    She did an awesome live chat with the Toronto Star earlier today.

    Also see this awesome list of his past debacles!
    My fave being when he called 911 on Xena Warrier Princess (Mary Walsh), claiming it was dark and he was scared of someone in the bushes when she was filming it for TV and had a the cameras ON.

  8. schlocktober says:

    So do they only have elections every 20 years or something?

    • Heartfruit says:

      Every four years.  Mayor Ford got the job in 2010 and it looks like we are stuck with him until 2014.

      • Supernumerary says:

         How did he get the gig? Was the voting population just unaware of what a mad asshat Ford is/was, or was there some kind of party divide which let him slip in unnoticed?

        • Cory Doctorow says:

           More than a decade ago, the conservative strongman premier of Ontario Mike Harris rammed “amalgamation” down the Toronto region’s throat. He amalgamated the City of Toronto with its suburban neighbours, giving the (conservative) burbs a majority over the (progressive) city, and letting people who don’t live in Toronto and largely hate and fear it run the town. Wait a decade and you get Rob Fucking Ford.

          • Supernumerary says:

             Thanks for the insight, Cory. So in light of what certainly seems like snowballing, are there any politicians (or even movements) in Ontario trying to effectively redistrict the area?

          • l337n00b says:

            I’m not going to say Cory is wrong, because if you look at the electoral map basically everyone inside the old city of Toronto voted for the next leading candidate while everyone in the amalgamated suburbs voted for Ford (not everyone, just 70%).

            But there is more to it than that.  One might reasonably ask why people in Etobicoke, Scarborough and North York voted for Rob Ford.  As supernumary said, were they unaware of what a mad asshat he was?

            It would be hard to be unaware.  Rob Ford was off by a factor of 100 more than three times when talking about budget items during the campaign (no joke, he called a bike lane a “$6M bike lane”, it cost $60k to put in).  He was an unrepentant drunk driver, justifying his arrest in Florida by saying he had only shared one bottle of wine with his wife before driving.

            I used to think that we elected incompetent fools because they were amiable.  In Ford’s case he far from amiable, he’s a mean-spirited bully.  He’s also not good looking (not that I would vote based on this, but if he were outrageously handsome we might blame his victory on that).

            Why did Ford get elected?  Increasingly, it seems like the things that get people elected just have nothing to do with what we think should or even might get people elected.

  9. yoshizl says:

    Baron Harkonnen

  10. joeskunk says:

    Sarah Thomson’s groping claim ‘completely false’: Mayor Rob Ford

    I know everybody wants to believe negative press on this guy, but it’s not sounding all that credible right now…

    • Missy Pants says:

      Why is it not credible? What I’ve been reading it sounds very credible.

      • joeskunk says:

        Well noone backs her story up, and several city council members are saying she said she was going to stage it before it happened. Did you actually read the article?

        • joeskunk says:

          Here’s some of it:

          ut Richmond Hill Councillor Carmine Perrelli – who was also at the party – told The Sun Friday that Thomson said to a group of a handful of people Thursday night that Ford grabbed her backside and she was going to “set him up” to get a picture for the next election.”(She said) I’m going to go upstairs, we’re going to set up the mayor, get a picture of his hand near your ass and then I’m going to use that picture in the next mayor’s election because I’m going to be the next mayor,” Perrelli said.

          “I was a little bit taken aback by the comment.”

          Perrelli said he warned Ford’s staff at the event.

          “I was in disbelief,” he said.

          Richmond Hill Councillor Greg Beros was also in the group conversation with Thomson and her friend also named Sarah.

          “She was very animated with the story … she said look. we need to go back upstairs and we need to stage the mayor’s hand rubbing up against your rear-end,” Beros said.

          “I said, ‘Sarah, that’s not a very good idea.’ ”

          Seeing today’s reports, Beros said he was “dumbfounded.”

          “I can’t believe someone would make an allegation like that knowing what I know,” he said.

          • C W says:

            Her telling them her sinister plan is much much less likely than this actually happening.

            He’s the prick with a credibility gap.

          • foobar says:

            If that were true, why would his security allow her near him? That doesn’t hold water.

          • chgoliz says:

             I just read a Facebook post from my SIL in which she claims she recently had the experience of following multiple welfare recipients out to the local store parking lot, and of course they all had brand new SUVs with Obama stickers.

            Thing is…I know her character, where she lives, the racial makeup of the area, and the types of vehicles owned due to socioeconomic reasons.  Every word she claimed was her direct experience and thus the truth….wasn’t.

            I suspect the eyewitness you’re quoting is being equally deceitful, and for a similar reason.

    • Brainspore says:

      How would he even know? By the looks of things he probably doesn’t even have a clear recollection of that evening.

    • dragonfrog says:

      If anything, Rob Ford denying it makes it more believable – if he admitted to it, then I’d have my doubts.

      • joeskunk says:

        Yeah good point what about the others? The two directly involved (accuser and accusee) are politicians…

      • l337n00b says:

        I would tend to think that Ford denying something would mean there will be a videotape of the event – that’s what has tended to happen in the past when he’s denied things.

  11. “”He needs help if he’s doing that to someone like me,” she said.”
    Doesn’t make her sound so great either.

    • cjporkchop says:

      “I was so mad about it because this is somebody who knows how much I do for this city”

      Of course, if he’d groped someone who hadn’t done anything for the city, it would have been perfectly fine!

    • ohbejoyful says:

      >>””He needs help if he’s doing that to someone like me,” she said.”

      Exactly.  If he does shit like this to non-powerful women he does not need help?

  12. LordInsidious says:

    Can’t be true, Hutts are usually so well behaved in public…..

  13. sam1148 says:

    Please oh God of Mods, please post a few more images before the weekend so we don’t have to look at that horrorshow on the page Saturday. 

  14. len says:

    I hate those things in Left 4 Dead.

  15. Bradley Robinson says:

    “He needs help if he’s doing that to someone like me.”
    By that, I assume Sarah Thompson means “another human being”.  Otherwise, she could use a little assistance as well.

  16. jarrodhenry says:

    Yeah, is it out of line to ask for a unicorn chaser on that photo?  :P

  17. If anyone would’ve told us ten years ago we’d been pining for Mel…

  18. Gerald Mander says:

    What does she mean “to someone like me”? Something about her tone smells very wrong.

    • Brainspore says:

      Depending on the tone in which it was delivered I suppose it could be either self-aggrandizing (“how DARE he do such a thing to a person of my stature!”) or self-deprecating (“…and I’m not even anything special to look at!”). Not sure which would be better/worse.

      • Snig says:

        Or she could have meant a past political opponent like herself.  

        • monkey magic says:

          She could have been saying someone with enough power/influence to make a stink about it; versus an intern who will be bullied to shut up etc.

          • BunnyShank says:

            Yes, that’s what I thought too, that she was suspecting him of pervasive violence and possibly worse to those who had less power to be heard. But the lack of explicitness in the statement made me have to read between the lines.

      • Gerald Mander says:

        The thing is, the rhetorical question has an implication that there is someone he should do this to.

  19. Marko Serafinowicz says:

    Ford is a disaster and an embarrassment, but this just doesn’t pass the smell test. I mean, he’s a moron, and does ridiculous and idiotic things, but this beggars belief. 

    I think Thomson has gone off the deep end.

    • orangedesperado says:

      Right because drunken buffoons never sexually harass anyone.

      He’s the mayor, with a long history of things like DUI, reading while driving, a strong sense of entitlement(what about the time he felt that he should be allowed to purchase the city owned parkland adjacent to his residence for reasons of “privacy”), insulting comments and attitudes, his refusal to participate in the giant Pride Parade, citing “family time at his cabin”, etc.etc..

      So this woman, with no apparent history of accusations against other politicians/people says that he did something inappropriate.

      So she must be lying ?

  20. mikei says:

    Worst.  Mayor.  Ever.

  21. WilliamS says:

    There’s an old saying:  “People get the sort of government they deserve.”  So, citizens of Toronto, this slime bag says volumes about you.

  22. Will Cullen says:

    I’m no fan of Ford (really, who can be), but jumping on unverified claims is ill-advised (okay, maybe not for the Sun, but I expect more from BoingBoing).

    It’s quite possible Ford was set-up. All is not as (conveniently) as it seems:

  23. auroraborealis says:

    Just as an FYI – the Sun is one of three major papers in Toronto, and the most Rob Ford – sympathetic of them. I don’t want to say it’s a step above a tabloid rag, but… well, it has ‘sunshine girls’ as a regular feature. So, not the most woman-friendly of the bunch, and not usually what I’d solely rely on to decide upon an issue.

    I’m surprised that Cory would link to the Sun article given his own implied politics, but two other takes on the incident can be found in the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail.

  24. Lucy Gothro says:

    This is too funny – I’m from Detroit, MI (which has basically been RAPED by the last mayoral administration)  and live in Warren, just north of the city…Kwame Kilpatrick makes this guy look like a piker!  ROFL!  

    • orangedesperado says:

      Lucy, please check your use of the term “raped”. It’s offensive and trivializes sexual assault.

  25. I wish John Candy were around to lampoon this guy today. Ford is like a cross between Johnny LaRue and Mayor Tommy Shanks.

    • Mope says:

      John Candy truly foresaw this period in Toronto’s history:

    • Halloween_Jack says:

       Candy would be in the best position to lampoon the guy, since he was Canadian, but Ford reminds me strongly of both Chris Farley in real life and the characters that Chris Farley played in the movies. There’s a picture of Farley somewhere where he relapsed immediately out of rehab and he’s drunk, stoned, sweating buckets, and almost passed out on his feet, and it looks very much like this one.

  26. jarrodhenry says:

    Not believing this story, but understanding that Ford is an idiot.

    IF this really happened, why is she not pressing charges? Or even doing a civil suit? Anything? At all? I mean, where are the witnesses? The third parties? I read a CBC article that said this lady was planning a setup with her chief of staff.

    This is not good for her.

    • C W says:

      ” I read a CBC article that said this lady was planning a setup with her chief of staff”

      And was Ford the citation for this?

    • chgoliz says:

       Most women don’t press charges after sexual assault.  Same problem: no witnesses, people don’t believe her, etc.

      Pressing charges against a mayor, for groping?  A civil suit?  Please.

      The attitude you’ve exhibited here is a large part of the problem.

    • l337n00b says:

      “Why is she not pressing charges?”

      A lot of people have been saying this and I find it incredible.

      First of all, she knows it’s a he said, she said situation.  She knows it’s politically charged and people will say she’s just doing it for that reason.

      But secondly, maybe she just doesn’t feel like what happened was criminal.  Sure, it matches the definition of sexual assault in the criminal code, but any time anyone touches you in an unwelcome way it is assault.  Have you called the police every time in your life that someone you knew laid a hand on you?

      The criminal code is broadly worded enough that a woman who feels she has been assaulted can press charges, but that individuals are perfectly free to divide unwelcome touches into “criminal” and “just a jerk” as they see fit.  It’s not up to you.  The reaction of tell-people-what-a-jerk-he-was is just as valid as call-the-police.

      It’s the same people who complain that we’ve criminalized guys making passes at women who then say a woman lacks credibility if she does not accuse a man who made an unwelcome pass of criminal behaviour.

      • jarrodhenry says:

        I guess from my viewpoint, once , at a science fiction convention, I was sexually assaulted by someone else.  From that date forward (when I found out that the person was involved in the rape of another), I’ve always wished I had pressed charges.

        And I had witnesses and everything.   :P  

        I guess I’m projecting my belief that Canada handles these things better than the US, and my own desire for people to be treated VERY harshly when they do this, onto this scenario.

        Yes, tell people what a jerk he is _IS_ a good reaction and understandable.  But it’s also very clear that he needs to be removed from office.

        I’m still curious about the claims that she was trying to get him to put his hand on her butt for a photo.    I mean, when I was assaulted, all I wanted to do was get the hell out of the room.   I didn’t think about trying to get the person to do it to me again so I could snap a pic.

  27. Mope says:

    Ford does not have a pristine track record regarding his honesty during embarassing events.

    Ford admits lying to media about drunken outburst

    Last Updated:

    Wednesday, May 3, 2006 | 10:47 AM ET

    A Toronto city councillor who denied causing a drunken ruckus during a Maple Leafs hockey game last month has apologized for the incident, saying he “made a major mistake.”

    Etobicoke Coun. Rob Ford says he is sorry about the incident and the fact he lied about it when confronted by a reporter from the National Post, three days after the incident.

    He told the Post at the time he hadn’t been to a hockey game since Christmas. He continued his denials this week when the Toronto Star picked up the story.

    “This is unbelievable,” he told the Star. “I wasn’t even at the game, so someone’s trying to do a real hatchet job on me, let me tell you.”

    Only when the people he abused produced his business cards which he dropped in his drunken fury, did he apologize….

  28. Let me get this straight. On the one hand, we have a woman that most of us have never even heard of before. And on the other hand, we have Rob Ford. And the woman says that Rob Ford got drunk, groped her ass, and gave her a pickup line. And, given everything you know about the situation, you all come out of the woodwork to defend Rob Ford? So what you’re saying is that a woman of unknown character is less credible than Rob Ford?

    Convince me this isn’t blatant sexism, okay?

    • mikei says:

      Yes.  The number of people willing to grant Ford any credibility has been boggling my mind as well.

    • The funniest are the people that complain its all just unsupported rumours, and then cite another rumour as a defence.

    • Marko Serafinowicz says:

      If you’ve heard of Rob Ford, how is it that you’ve never heard of Sarah Thomson? She ran against him in the last election.

      This is basically “he said she said.” I’m no fan of Rob Ford…scratch that, I fucking HATE Rob Ford…but I find it hard to believe that he would do something so unbelievably stupid, even for him.

      His opponents have been relentless in trying to get him removed from office. And while some of the tactics and charges I’ve agreed with, this smells to me like a case of temporary insanity on the part of Sarah Thomson. Caught up in the moment, caught up in her loathing of Rob Ford.

      It just seems like a more likely scenario to me. I mean, you’ve got witnesses who were next to them claiming that Ford never said that provocative stuff that Thomson claims he did. They were never alone together, after all.

      • dragonfrog says:

        I’ve heard of plenty of prominent government figures, but barely any of their defeated opponents – seeing as how they’re the ones who failed to gain prominence and whatnot.

      • a_w_young says:

         I’m letting others decide what happened, if that can, before passing judgement. It’s too easy to throw Ford under the bus because he is an utterly disgusting man with weird ideas of how to run a city. He also looks completely sloshed in that picture and I think we’d find it easy to believe anyone making such allegations of anyone who was in Ford’s shoes in that photo.

      • IronEdithKidd says:

        I find it extremely easy to believe that a drunk man did something stupid.   

  29. Michael Polo says:

    I’m so tired of the spectacle of it all. 

  30. Vladimir Harkonnen??? I thought he died on Arrakis

  31. marymargaret1 says:

    The dude ain’t got no eyeballs.

  32. BijouxBoy says:

    …er…so all this affrontery to Sarah Thomson…how does that fit with the chummy, snuggled-in-close pose, giggling? She appears to be having a fairly good time…mixed message, I guess.

    • l337n00b says:

      Oh, of course, when a woman gets an unwelcome pass from a guy and then is asked to take what is basically a publicity photo with him, there’s a proper way for her to react and in improper one.  Additionally, faking smiles for photographs is so unheard-of as to be very perplexing.

  33. Scott Fecher says:

    Are you sure you shouldn’t have said “came on to” instead of “came onto”? The latter sounds, well, the result of if the former was successful, if you know what I mean.

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