Baja in my Westy: Gray whale in San Ignacio Lagoon


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  1. I thought there were supposed to be rules about human-whale interaction (no touching, keeping distance between whale and boat, etc.). Did I make that up?

    • schadenfreudisch says:

      i agree.  it’s 100′ in some places.  200′ in others.  rule must not apply in mexican waters. 

      they’re curious, yes.  just like you would be curious if someone entered your house in a strange craft.  but that’s a stressful scenario, and stress causes disease, malnourishment, etc. 

      on the other hand, i’ve always agreed with e.o. wilson that children may have to destroy nature just a little bit to appreciate it.  (he’s mostly talking about ants, dirt and flowers.  …and children).    but if you’ve created a love of whales for everyone on that boat, it might be worth it. 

      that’s the dilemma of eco-tourism.

      • Nagurski says:

         Buffers? We don’t need no stinking Buffers! Kidding aside, a savvy tour operator will be sensitive to his customers’ desire to treat the whales with respect (I’m assuming most people going whale watching feel that way), and passively wait and let the whales approach the boat rather than chasing them. From Jason’s description, it sounds like the whales were actively seeking out the boat and the human interaction.

    • niktemadur says:

      One must NOT disturb, nor directly intercept, whales while they are migrating.  FYI, this rule was adopted first in Mexico, then in the USA.

      Once in the lagoon, however, it is THEY who approach the boats from below, slowly circling upwards until one can literally extend an arm and touch them.  When I went down to San Ignacio, a calf played with us like this, while the mindful mother kept a respectful distance.  Then the calf sprayed me on the face.

  2. RadioSilence says:

    Thanks Jason, I’ve really been enjoying this series of articles.

  3. lavardera says:

    I wonder if those barnacles are itchy?

  4. Todd says:

    Being a vegan I often am puzzled regarding the respect we give and discuss and gets up in arms about for some species while not caring one little bit about the vast majority, if we respected all animals in the ways described here it would be a wonderful planet, I think.

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