Muppet Musicians of Bremen

The entirety of the wonderful 1972 Tales from Muppetland special Muppet Musicians of Bremen is on YouTube is six parts. I loved this one growing up, and can't wait to share it with my daughter. It's not out on DVD, though you can find old laserdiscs of it if you hunt around.

Muppet Musicians of Bremen


  1. It was a bowling night for my Mom, and as usual, to keep me nearby, she dropped me off at the bowling alley’s daycare center (it did more than sit the kids whose parents were out on the lanes; lots of kids in there). This came on the big old RCA in the main playroom, and a bunch of other kids and I sat down and watched. Made me a Muppet fan, as if Sesame Street hadn’t.

  2. The Muppets were one of the few English-language shows I had access to when I was growing up overseas. Such a part of my childhood!

    Is there a reason that this doesn’t have a Boing Boing “Family” tag? I love that feed and really appreciate it!

  3. I didn’t have the pleasure of working on Musicians Of Bremen (only starting with Henson on Fraggle Rock) but it, like Emmet Otter, was always a touchstone for aspiring puppeteers. The artistry and ambition of Jim’s earlier works were always richer and more inventive than a lot of what came later. Thanks for finding and sharing this.

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