Nanoscale 3D printer that runs 100x faster than current models


11 Responses to “Nanoscale 3D printer that runs 100x faster than current models”

  1. Grahamers2002 says:

    First thing I am printing?  MORE PRINTERS!!!

  2. awgrbr says:

    what are nanoscale 3D printers used for?

  3. limeychiney says:

    Finally, an organizer for my collection of exotic molecules

  4. spacedmonkey says:

    I can imagine a whole lot of uses for this thing in the lab.  The article doesn’t mention what materials it’s capable of using, but there’s a whole lot of things you could do with this.

    • AnthonyC says:

      Photopolymers. It’s essentially using a laser to cure a photoresist. But, they pick the wavelength so you need simultaneous 2-photon absorption to polymerize – which only happens in the very center of the beam, the most intense part. Hence the high resolution.

      • spacedmonkey says:

        Hmm. It seems like the developing time would depend on the actual structure you created, which could be a little tricky, but it would still beat using a FIB.

  5. vermes says:

    Damn it I thought it would be a matter compiler.

  6. anansi133 says:

    Features that small are going to be perfect for implanting into people, animals, and plants. The Bionic Man meets Fantastic Voyage.

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