Puritanical ice-cream clothes

My goodness, but the Ice Cream Colors in this 1949 Puritan Sportswear ad look sytlishly delicious. Not entirely puritanical, either.

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  1. I haven’t been able to find decent bisque ice cream since the Ford Administration. Nowadays everyone substitutes in “crustacean by-products.”

    1. And you can’t get other old time flavors like Limburger Lime and Unfiltered Lucky Strike Mocha.

    2. Me, I miss the “ice gray” flavor.  Me and my childhood friends would while away many a hot summer afternoon debating what it was, exactly, that we were tasting.  I mean, everybody knows red/pink is strawberry, orange is orange, yellow is lemon, green is lime, blue is raspberry…  but what the hell is gray?

      Bisque?  We wish we had access to bisque-flavored ice cream.

      Also, the guy in that ad probably leaned his elbow into a melted raspberry ice cream puddle, hence the arrow pointing at his darkened elbow.  Kind of reminds me of the Monty Python bit: How To Recognise Different Parts of the Body

  2. Subliminal advertising has been around for a long time.
    Also, I’m going to guess ice gray was licorice flavor.

    1. He had a couple versions of it, if memory serves, the one that I posted up above is from Saturday Evening Post was from 1959.  I remember it differently, don’t know which of his short story collections I initially read it in.   I don’t know if he came up with the name Ice Cream Suit on his own, or if it was a common description. 

  3. I don’t know about these sweaters, but when my honey puts on his gray cashmere v-neck sweater, I have to restrain myself from ‘petting’ him – he’s ‘sensationally smooth’. Hubahuba husband.

      1. You’re supposed to deny the guilt and sublimate it as aggression against “witches” and friendly native Americans. 

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