Starry night: skies over New Zealand


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  1. Taniwha says:

    follow the milky way up – those two bright stars near the end of the brightest part are called “the pointers” they point at the southern cross which you can also see there

    The pointers are alpha and beta centauri – yes that star closer to the bottom is the closest to earth

  2. Robert Cruickshank says:

    From where I’m sitting, those skies are under New Zealand.

  3. Chris McNeil says:

    Beautiful Photos. I wonder how you get sharp stars and a sharp silhouette of the mountain? Maybe just a very good camera and bright lens so the exposure can be short. Or is it a merged picture of a long exposure tracked star photo, and a tripod photo of the mountain. Whatever it is, it’s very effective.

  4. dontpanicbobby says:

    That image with the mountains makes great android phone wallpaper.

  5. peregrinus says:

    My how I wish I had that view.  My kids would dream more!

  6. Mark Ferguson says:

    The term “processed shot” was a bit of a give-away, however, away from light pollution in our cities, us folk here in New Zealand are blessed with a fantastic view of the Milky Way, the Galaxy that we are part of !  I do love spiral nebula / galaxies – refer hubble deep field images for more thoughts … 

    • Jason Brown says:

      Even with our super-dark skies (at least on the slopes of Mt Tongariro, where this was taken) and with the fastest lens possible (this one was f2.8)  when you;re shooting the night sky, you always have to process the shots.  Remember that even at it’s brightest moment, the stars are very dim and the sky is very dark.  

      That being said, this isn’t too far off what came out of the camera, some contrast and chromatic aberration adjustments and noise reduction – it was shot at 5000 iso.

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