Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Grandmaster Flash to the Beat

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  1. Ed– you seem to be portraying a Mattel Synsonics drum, which was not available until 1981.  I know you do a lot of research for this comic, but I was under the impression that Flash was using a Vox Percussion King or Columbia Rhythm Box, which were typical early 70’s drum machines (like what you might find on an organ) but could also be played manually by tapping the buttons (and they even had two foot switches so if you were a drummer you could play with your feet as well as hands.)

    1. I did choose the Mattel over the Vox. Good eye.  I spoke with the guy who owns exact Beatbox Flash used and he gave me the model # but I couldn’t find an image anywhere and he wouldn’t send me a pic. Said it looks too cheap. I however, didn’t know the synsonic drums weren’t out earlier than 81. FUCK!

  2. I love all you guys who are adding value with the samples, and everything else. These interests were the seeds that inspired me to start this project in the first place.

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