Here are two lobsters having sex

From the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Facebook page, here are two lobsters doing it — apparently in the missionary position.

But looks can be misleading. What's actually going on here is external fertilization — that is to say, procreation without any of the potentially awkward penetration. Male lobsters produce spermatophores, packets of sperm, which they attach to the female's sternum. That's what you see happening here, according to the Sanctuary. Later, the female will use that sperm to fertilize her eggs.

Thanks to David Shiffman and Carin Bondar!


  1. Yeah thanks a lot Marine Sanctuary.  That WAS my intent at the time until your goon paparazzo showed up shining the sun in our face.  I was almost ready to seal the deal too.  She swam off in a hurry right after this shot was taken.  You can imagine what happened next when I got home and my wife read the story and saw the picture.  Now she won’t talk to me either.  Do you even know how hard it is to find a decent babysitter here? I’m a goddam city councilman too!

    1. Thanks. Now I’m going to hear the terms pearl necklace, hot carl and dirty sanchez sung to the tune of Mack the Knife for the rest of the day.

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