Here are two lobsters having sex


8 Responses to “Here are two lobsters having sex”

  1. destroy_all_humans says:

    I hear male lobsters are shellfish lovers

  2. JohnQPublic says:

    Yeah thanks a lot Marine Sanctuary.  That WAS my intent at the time until your goon paparazzo showed up shining the sun in our face.  I was almost ready to seal the deal too.  She swam off in a hurry right after this shot was taken.  You can imagine what happened next when I got home and my wife read the story and saw the picture.  Now she won’t talk to me either.  Do you even know how hard it is to find a decent babysitter here? I’m a goddam city councilman too!

  3. mickcollins says:

    Shellfish lovers Unite!

  4. dave3 says:

    Interesting, depositing sperm to the female’s sternum is a popular theme in many videos.

  5. Not sure if related but my dad was diving for lobsters one day and he swears there was a male in this hole in the rock pushing the females out first.

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