RIP, John Paul Miller, a genius goldsmith and creator of many lovely gold crustaceans


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  1. jclark666 says:

    I spend quite a bit of time seeking out squid (not freaking octopus, Etsy, can’t you tell the difference?) jewlery and I’m glad I’d never seen that piece before, because I was able to spend some time with my family, before abandoning them to my obsessive plot to obtain it.

    • timquinn says:

      keyword abuse

      • jclark666 says:

        Yes, quite a bit of that, and even a few people who helpfully put “(not squid)” in their description.  But a lot more (usually mass-produced) octopus trinkets described as squid.  I despair of finding a squid ring that meets my mind’s eye expectations of what a squid ring should look like*, especially since “squid ring” (even with +sterling or +14K) tends to find a lot of calamari-related results.

        *as if my finger were a ship being dragged down by the Kraken, not a comfy perch for Pete the Friendliest Octopus.

    • Stumpy says:

      Along the lines of your Etsy problem, “Hexapoda and Mollusca not freaking Crustacea, Boing Boing, can’t you tell the difference?”
      Really, I’m glad BB finds these cool things to share.  Just don’t want people to think that insects and cephalopods are crustaceans, fail their Bio 101 quiz, and dash their dreams of med school.  I managed to find two crustaceans that he created (both crabs).  

  2. Zanda says:

    Those wings are so beautifully done!

  3. DevinC says:

    I saw a lot of people wearing these fantastic pieces when I visited Innsmouth, Massachusetts.

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