Surviving a massive wildfire

In 2011, the Pagami Creek Fire burned through 92,000 acres of Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area. At Outside magazine, Frank Bures tells the story of two kayakers caught in the inferno. Includes some amazing photos taken by one of the kayakers.


  1. Minnesota Public Radio has an interesting page documenting that fire’s “pyrocumulus” clouds. I particularly like the ani-gif of a satellite view of the growing plume; just about halfway down the page.

    After seeing a bit of last year’s 21,000 acre Duck Lake fire in da U.P., I can barely imagine what the much-huger Pagami Creek fire must have looked like.

  2. The one and only near-certain way to survive a firestorm – short of a sealed underground bunker with reserve air supplies – is to be in or on a river or other body of water. Most of the civilians who survived the retributive Allied Firebombings during WWII were those who fled into the rivers.

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