Aaron Swartz's unfinished monograph on the "programmable Web"


3 Responses to “Aaron Swartz's unfinished monograph on the "programmable Web"”

  1. Andy Waschick says:

    Ironic that this document, which talks about usability and flexibility of information on the Internet should be locked inside of a PDF document.  I think I shall use my rights under the Creative Commons license to convert this to a number of more suitable markup and e-book formats. 

  2. Punchcard says:

    Locked up? PDF became an open standard in 2008. Or am I missing something?

  3. signsofrain says:

    Ironically Aaron discusses useful and non-useful URL structures right at the beginning of this document, but the document itself resides at an aggressively non-useful URL.

    Also, when pasting that link into Facebook the document title shows as “An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie” it’s pretty lol-worthy.

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