Adrian Younge on NPR's Fresh Air

Hip-hop, soul, and Morricone-inspired composer/producer Adrian Younge, creator of 2011's excellent "Something About April" LP and the 2009 soundtrack to Black Dynamite, is back with two new collaborative albums: Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics and Twelve Reasons to Die With Ghostface Killah. Above is the video for "Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)" from the Younge/Delfonics release. Younge was on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday. It's worth listening to even if for no other reason than to hear Terry Gross say "Ghosface Killah." Adrian Younge: Looking Back To Move Hip-Hop Forward (Thanks, Sarah Smith!)


  1. I listened to this live in my car, and I felt like it was the single-worst episode of Fresh Air I’ve ever heard. For a talented guy, he had trouble saying anything interesting.

  2. It was a slightly-stilted interview, but once you got past that it made for great radio. Terry seemed genuinely interested in Adrian’s work, something that’s not always readily apparent with some of the guests that appear on Fresh Air. While Adrian’s art isn’t exactly my speed, I was impressed by his abilities and his dedication to the craft… both really shone through, despite the occasional awkwardness/nervousness. Thanks for featuring this!

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