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4 Responses to “Adrian Younge on NPR's Fresh Air”

  1. sethgodin says:

    I listened to this live in my car, and I felt like it was the single-worst episode of Fresh Air I’ve ever heard. For a talented guy, he had trouble saying anything interesting.

  2. Aaron Swain says:

    Someone should make a supercut of Terry Gross saying unexpected and/or funny things.

  3. tubesorsand says:

    It was a slightly-stilted interview, but once you got past that it made for great radio. Terry seemed genuinely interested in Adrian’s work, something that’s not always readily apparent with some of the guests that appear on Fresh Air. While Adrian’s art isn’t exactly my speed, I was impressed by his abilities and his dedication to the craft… both really shone through, despite the occasional awkwardness/nervousness.¬†Thanks for featuring this!

  4. Cole Ranze says:

    Good or bad it’s worth a listen just to hear Terry Gross say “Ghostface Killah”.