Tetrisoid slot sofa

Designer Matthew Pauk's "Slot Sofa" is pure doctrovian catnip -- a marvel of kentucky. Basically, I want to live in a Pullman car.

Slot is a dynamic furniture piece. The sofa system finds new value and diverse functionality by blending the sofa, coffee table, and ottoman. It utilizes the common constructional gaps found between the cushions of the sofa by converting them into tracks for which the table can slide in and out. When slotted, the table acts as a console. When freed, it acts as a coffee table. The magnetically retained sofa cushions always find and keep their optimal position either atop the table for an ottoman or below for a coffee table. Slot features traditional construction with textile upholstery and finished bent plywood.

Slot Sofa (via OhGizmo)


  1. As an avid Tetris player, I love it. Only I wonder how long the cantilevered sofa seats will survive the average family’s jumping on them. Most practical sitting furniture has some leg support at the front of the seat bottom.

    Many aesthetic designers don’t think of this sort of engineering reality.

    1. That is my concern, too. It looks really nice… but I would like for it to have, say, legs that folded away when you pushed the table under the sofa. I guess it’s sturdy enough for “nice” sitting, but for family use I wouldn’t personally trust the construction. But then it looks more like something one would buy for public places, not for a family livingroom, anyway.

    2. I dare say this wasn’t intended for an “average family.”

      And the engineering reality of which you speak is but one reality.  For yuppie, ‘dink’ couples such as my wife and I, this aesthetic design appears to meet our engineering reality quite nicely.  

      And those high arms are rather appealing for “non-family activities.”

  2. I love the combiner design, but the actual seat itself and high armrests doesn’t look very comfortable.

  3. The seat height doesn’t bother me so much as those gaps in the sofa cushions when you slide the coffee table out.  There goes my leg and everything in my pockets….

  4. Per the above remarks, it seems it would need ‘throw’ cushions and maybe a couple of lumbar cushions.

    I was wondering about the ‘magnetically retained’ feature…would that be a good idea around laptops, remotes, cell phones et al? 

  5. Hmm, only cromulent for those keeping their table clean and tidy. You would move the table in the sofa only during the first week, after that only when your mom comes to visit… And don’t forget to vacuum first, or those pillows might not stay white very long :)

  6. It’ll probably cost $14,000 and you’re worried it about sturdy?

    People who spend that kind of money don’t care about “sturdy”, they want “trendy” and “fashionable” because their designer will tell them it is old hat and droll a year or so later.

    Haven’t you noticed that all that designer stuff in the 50’s and 60’s that was supposed to be for “everyman” cost an arm and a leg then and has gone up in price from there?

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