TOM THE DANCING BUG: Judge Scalia, in "Legislative Soul Search"

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Judge Scalia searches the Legislative Soul and finds that it SUCKS! BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK to see Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling every week! Members of the elite and prestigious INNER HIVE get the comic emailed to their inboxes at least a day before publication -- and much, much MORE!

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        1. Here’s the info:

          tl;dr: No entry fee, winner gets a $15,000 tax-free cash award and a trophy from Tiffany & Co. Second place gets a $5,000 tax-free cash award.  Entries must be “published” works and can be submitted by the cartoonist his/her/itself or by publisher of said Work.  Bolling’s not gonna submit his own work, not even after a Louis Maltby-like night of tortured introspection, so we’ll have to get his publisher to do it behind his back.  Hmmm, not sure if web publication counts as “publication” for purposes of the prize, so boingboing might not be able to submit it.  Whoa, wait….  Boingboing used to be a paper publication.  We’re gonna need Percival Dunwoody’s help on this one.   

    1. You mean there’s not much effort in him contemplating which decision of his would be most pleasing to people like the Koch Bros and then choosing accordingly?

      Scalia alone is enough reason to laugh when people babble about the sacredness of constitution as if it was chiseled by God on a mystical monolith… serious credibility probs…

      1. I’ve long been fascinated by Scalia’s stated belief that the Constitution must be interpreted according to what its original authors intended and his decisions which reflect a much deeper belief that the original authors were a bunch of wishy-washy liberals whose document only annoys him.

  1. Minority of states with a history of voter suppression?

    I thought this was a comic about America!

  2. Wasn’t there an odd inconsistency of Scalia decisions… the one on the 2nd amendment, where the text about a militia was treated as so much chuffa (i.e., pointless verbiage), and another one where it was asserted specifically that the founders (or whoever) knew EXACTLY what they were doing and not a SINGLE WORD could be disregarded. I can’t remember that second one. Anyone?

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