Rock Band Land's "The Truth About Polar Bears"

San Francisco's Rock Band Land is a "creativity school" in San Francisco where kids aged 4-8 write song stories together, rock out on high-quality child-sized instruments, record their collaborative creations, and ultimately perform on stage at a local club, complete with fog machines, lights, and, yes, a disco ball. Directed by notable indie rockers Brian Gorman of Tartufi and Marcus Stoesz of The Music Wrong, Rock Band Land is an inspiring DIY scene of unbridled creativity and controlled chaos where pint-sized punks reveal the weird and true future of rock and roll. My son is a multi-year Rock Band Land veteran. Not only has he made dear friends there, but so have his parents.

Now, Brian and Marcus have expanded the Rock Band Land vision into the video realm. "The Truth About Polar Bears" was inspired by ideas that bubbled up in Rock Band Land classes. If all goes well, this surreal story is just a teaser for (thunder drumroll)... Rock Band Land TV! Good luck, Brian and Marcus! For more on Rock Band Land, check out The Bold Italic's mini-documentary below and, of course, the Rock Band Land site.