Trending right now on Yahoo (not)

There are a bunch of these. By Sean Tejaratchi.


  1. Déjà vu, six days ago:

  2. This annoys me to no end. I see a list of articles I would actually read and yet they’re all fake. On the other hand that may be a good thing. The less I know about Justin Bieber’s dampness the happier I am. 

  3. I wish I could click these stories, just to read the intellectual, thought provoking, heartfelt Yahoo comments.

  4. I hate when I go onto my mom’s computer and her homepage is filled with these kinds of things but somehow they’re all so boring. 

    Example: Johnny Depp gained massive amounts of weight? Oh it’s a press junket interview of how he gained ‘like 10 lbs’ from the chicken stand near the movie set.

  5. Well, pretty useless with only a TIME stamp and no DATE stamp in BoingBoing blog posts.  Still can’t believe you don’t have that fixed.  Your editor told me almost a year ago it was a good idea.

    NONE of your blog posts have any DATE associated with them.

    Keep in mind, with all due respect, not all of us can read BoingBoing every day (as much as we’d like to).

    So, how tough to put a date stamp with time stamp for each post’s header?

    Best regards, Mark

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