Anti-pot GOP Assemblyman accused of pot possession

NY state Republican Assemblyman Steve Katz has been charged with marijuana possession after a Thursday morning traffic stop. "Katz currently sits on the Assembly's Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee as well as its Higher Education committee; last year, he voted against a bill that would have legalized medical marijuana." [Times Union, via Steve Silberman]


  1. proof by blatant assertion:  67.3% of those who would restrict freedoms already enjoy them themselves.

    1. No, it falls into the same pattern of wanting all the fun for themselves while doing everything they can to prevent the rest of us from having any.

      1. Nah, it’s a case of being somewhat ashamed and having to make an extreme public stance against what you enjoy just to feel OK about it, plus the belief that other people ‘do it wrong’ or can’t handle it, or aren’t as fundamentally decent as you.

        1.  Obviously, I’m an exception. It’s special circumstances. I can control myself. I’m not like those people, you know?

  2. I suppose if you’re going to be a closet case you might as well inhabit a closet full of delicious fumes.

  3. Here’s the thing I think most people miss about the Republican establishment being anti-drug. They aren’t against it because they think it is immoral. As happens time and again, we find that they are just as likely to use drugs as anyone else. They are against legalizing drugs because the government’s War on Drugs is a fantastic way for them to launder money into the pockets of the people who bankroll their campaigns. You could offset the ENTIRE cost of the sequester by giving up on the outrageous failure that is the War on Drugs They won’t do this, though, not because of some higher moral obligation but because of corruption and greed.

      1. This is a huge side effect, yes. The War on Drugs is the major funding source for for-profit prisons, which end up incarcerating a lot of minorities for minor drug infractions. White people get incarcerated too, but at a lesser rate since, statistically speaking, if you’re white you’re more likely to be able to afford a lawyer to settle your case for probation and community service rather than jail time.

    1. They won’t do this, though, not because of some higher moral obligation…

      …but because of moral bankrupcy.

  4. See, he is qualified to promote the continued prohibition – because he knows the damage it causes. He knows that you can be arrested for it, and get into big trouble, and it can really mess up your life. We have to keep it illegal to protect the youth from this danger, you see.

  5. Anytime anything like this happens, just repeat to yourself: “Power does what it wants”.

  6. A hypocritical politician … never seen that before.  I say drug test every politician every time they show up for work.  Especially after they have played a round of golf.

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