Best of Etsy Star Wars posters

On Wonderland, Alice has had a deep trawl through the world of Etsy Star Wars posters and rounded up a collection of top choices, including the Space Cowboy by CONCEPCIONSTUDIOS (top) and Vintage Pop Art set from Posterinspired (right).

Beautiful Etsy Star Wars posters


  1. And how many of those Etsy-dwellers are now going to get C&D’s? Something tells me they may not have appropriate licensing in place w/ Disney/Lucasfilm…

    1. I often wondered what the legality of this type of work is. I assume they have no express permission/license but they are original compositions/remixes/mashups…whatever you want to call them.

      Are they just too small to go after and therefore tolerated? Now that Disney’s lawyers are combined with Lucas’ lawyers to form the ultimate dark force will the rebels be crushed? 

      1. Are they just too small to go after and therefore tolerated?

        No, if Disney decides to tell Etsy to go on the offensive, they will. They’ve done it before as well as Sanrio (owners of Hello Kitty). Even small sellers got shut down. However, there are so many sellers featuring licensed material that it’s simply impossible for them to get everyone.

    2. Exactly my first thought, too.  I’m not even sure if these fall under Fair Use – are they recontextualizing Han Solo, or just cashing in on him?

      1. Cashing in, IMHO. People want pretty posters of Han Solo, specifically, because he’s Han Solo, less because the posters are pretty. And since ‘pretty’ is subjective, the only constant here is the presence of Han Solo.

  2. I just want to point out that “Space Cowboy” at the top is also “Vintage Pop Art” as it’s in the style of Andy Warhol’s “Double Elvis”

    1. Except the Elvis isn’t valuable because of Elvis, but because of Warhol.  But Han Solo is more famous than CONCEPCIONSTUDIOS.

  3. I’m a fan of Geekleetist’s Star Wars inspired art. Especially Fonz Solo, which I proudly display in my office.

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