A federal appeals court today ruled the CIA cannot continue to “neither confirm nor deny” the existence of the drone war, in a court case prompted by a Freedom of Information Act request by the ACLU. Here's the ruling. [Antiwar via Glenn Greenwald]

4 Responses to “CIA drone secrecy rejected by federal appeals court”

  1. Lothario Escobar says:

    “…accepting the CIA’s argument that it could not release any documents because even acknowledging the existence of the program would harm national security.”

    Every time I hear that “because National Security” excuse, what I really hear is “normally docile taxpayers and voters would be outraged to the point of revolutionary activity if they actually understood how their taxes and votes were being applied.”

  2. Sirkowski says:

    Why won’t the CIA tell us whether or not they have built a secret unicorn breeding farm?

  3. elix says:

    “For national security” is the new “for the children” and it works for every excuse, as long as you’re the government.

    “We can’t shut down Gitmo because national security.”
    “We have to destroy Bradley Manning because national security.”
    “You can’t bring your medicine onto the plane because national security.”

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