Grotesque portraits from Christian Rex van Minnen


6 Responses to “Grotesque portraits from Christian Rex van Minnen”

  1. Vanwall Green says:

    Look like denizens of the planet Lumbaga, where Retief of the CDT found the inhabitants were haphazard agglomerations of loose organs.

  2. Chentzilla says:

    Are you sure he’s Christian?

  3. James Cappio says:

    These suggest an SF version of Arcimboldo.

  4. anthony626 says:

    They’re like the Garbage Pail kids of the Victorian era.

  5. Timothy Helmuth says:

    like that china miéville big bad

  6. Rich Keller says:

    Sometimes I think of these as “what would Basil Wolverton have done if he had been born four hundred years earlier?”

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