Internet security writer DDOS'd, visited by armed police SWAT team who'd been hoaxed

Holy moly, Brian Krebs:
It’s not often that one has the opportunity to be the target of a cyber and kinetic attack at the same time. But that is exactly what’s happened to me and my Web site over the past 24 hours. On Thursday afternoon, my site was the target of a fairly massive denial of service attack. That attack was punctuated by a visit from a heavily armed local police unit that was tricked into responding to a 911 call spoofed to look like it came from my home.

Well, as one gamer enthusiast who follows me on Twitter remarked, I guess I’ve now “unlocked that level.”

Read the whole sordid tale. Image: Fairfax County Police outside Krebs' home on 3/14/13. He'd even warned police in advance of this possibility, and filed a report with Fairfax County Police in 2012 after receiving threats.

[Krebs on Security]


  1. TL;DR: he seems to have exposed — and thereby annoyed — identity thieves, who seem to have taken revenge.

    Set a distinctive ring for Emergency numbers (911) on any phones you have.

  2. Before I even clicked on the headline I knew it was Senior Krebs.  He does good work against bad peoples.

  3. Poor guy, I’ve always wondered how he manages to do what he does without pissing people off. That said, the title of his post is excellent, “The World Has No Room for Cowards.” Nice!

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