Kathie Lee topples untoppleable mug

[Video Link]

UPDATE: The makers of the mug offer in response a "normal person demo."


    1. Actually if these things are supposed to be great because they’re really hard to knock over, then they should be HARD to knock over. Particularly if any of her viewers have five year olds. I’m just kind of amazed a TV host made a product look bad on their show!

  1. *topple* *topple* *topple* …then attempting to extricate himself from this mess…”you can lift them right up…really cool”. No, really, booking time on tv for this product, and it’s an embarrassment. Good on her.

    1. Topple all you want, madam.  For every untoppleable mug you topple, a million more will rise to take its place!

        1. Helen Mirren, who’s in her mid-60s, was voted Sexiest Woman Alive. People don’t pay so much attention to those numbers anymore.

  2. Putting money on the mug company suing everyone involved for showing their product in a bad light. Well, if they have the money to sue. This is America, after all. 

  3. Whoohoo! I can’t wait until she has some representative from a phone company explaining “UNLIMITED” data plans.

  4. No, guys, but listen, “you can pick them right up!”

    You can pick them right up.

    The mug you can lift.

    Holy fuck we live in a world of technological wonder. What’s that line about science and magic?

    1. “Gay male bullshitting people for money foiled” is another way to look at it.

  5. The produce never really got shown, what actual resistance does it have to being toppled?  Any more than the inertia of its mass would naturally provide?

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