Remarkable face-painting from NZ's Daizy Design

Wellington, NZ's Daizy Design is a face-painting studio that does astounding work, as the images here can attest. They also paint pregnant bellies, do custom work for photo shoots, and so on. The rates look pretty reasonable, considering the standard of work on display.

Gallery - Daizy Design (via Geeks Are Sexy)


  1. These guys are local to me, not only are they good but I’ve always been impressed with how quickly they work.  They produce work like this just as quickly as your more normal slap-a-bit-of-paint-on types.  Cheap as too! ;-)

  2. “They also paint pregnant bellies” … as you do.

    Also hyper-real face-painting on kids looks a bit creepy doesn’t it? Or is it just the photography style? First one made me jump. A good hire for a party if you want a room full of crying children maybe?

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