Joshua Kopstein has a wonderful feature over at The Verge today about how archivists revived a bulletin board that was a central networking hub in NYC's art scene during the 1990s.

5 Responses to “Resurrecting The Thing: "How a BBS changed the art world and came back from the dead"”

  1. SumAnon says:

    And here I was all excited for an article about the 1982 John Carpenter classic.

  2. -hms- says:

    There’s your “go ahead, feel old” headline of the day. Artists thinking an old internet bulletin board is vintage enough to be “returning to a simpler time”

  3. Paul Renault says:

    One BBS set-up I wish I had a photograph of was Tim Campbell’s mashed-up computers which ran Pyroto Mountain 1A…

  4. Peter says:

    I ran a small local (Toronto) BBS in the 90s.

    I still have semi-regular dreams where I have an extra computer that I somehow haven’t noticed, and that BBS has been quietly running all this time on it, and it’s still getting people calling in and posting (just, not many).

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