Resurrecting The Thing: "How a BBS changed the art world and came back from the dead"

Joshua Kopstein has a wonderful feature over at The Verge today about how archivists revived a bulletin board that was a central networking hub in NYC's art scene during the 1990s.


  1. There’s your “go ahead, feel old” headline of the day. Artists thinking an old internet bulletin board is vintage enough to be “returning to a simpler time”

  2. One BBS set-up I wish I had a photograph of was Tim Campbell’s mashed-up computers which ran Pyroto Mountain 1A…

  3. I ran a small local (Toronto) BBS in the 90s.

    I still have semi-regular dreams where I have an extra computer that I somehow haven’t noticed, and that BBS has been quietly running all this time on it, and it’s still getting people calling in and posting (just, not many).

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