T-shirt for drivers who don't like to wear seat bealts

Next: a seat belt for drivers who don't like wearing shirts.

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  1. There’s a lot of prior art for this. I was told by an Italian friend that the day after a seatbelt law came into effect in Italy (in 1989), vendors on the streets in Naples were already selling T-shirts like these. 

    1. I remember hearing on radio here in Italy that actually that was an story invented by a researcher to study how urban legends spread. Then after a while, he discovered his story had became true

      1. I suspect you were fed that story in an attempt to measure your gullibility. It is an old gypsy trick.

  2. Yes, because faking wearing a device that is statistically likely to be a benefit in an accident is a good idea. Stick it to the Man.

    1. But on the other hand, I’m all for giving people the option to remove themselves from the gene pool if that’s something they really desire. As someone who was playing hockey 36 hours after a head on collision, I’m all for seat belts and airbags. 

      But even after factoring in the “cost to society” of someone dying in a car accident, I’m not all sure that justifies making safety equipment compulsory.

      1. “Dying in a car accident” would be pretty cheap to society. But I would assume most aren’t killed, just seriously injured/disabled, which can become pretty expensive. Also, a lot of safety equipment isn’t just for your own safety.

          1. In a high speed accident, a person without a seatbelt becomes a loose object flying around the cabin.  Seatbelts in the back seat are almost as much for the protection of the people in the front seat as they are for those wearing them.

          2. You can also protect your passengers and people in other cars by wearing a seat belt.  Seat belts don’t just protect you in an accident, they can help you avoid one.  It’s a lot harder to steer a car that’s in a skid when you’re no longer in your seat, and that’s what a truly violent skid can do to you.

        1. Maybe the answer is death panels. Which do already exist in the for-profit healthcare system.

          Or, doctors saying that there’s no intelligent life, and they don’t need to save the person’s life.

      2. It’s not the costs associated with a person dying, it’s the cost of the person surviving, but no longer able to work, that drives seatbelt laws.

        As for playing hockey, I gotta say we’ll suffer some crazy shit to get back on the ice as soon as possible.  It’s not a sport, it’s a fucking compulsion.

      3. Y’know, I think it’s one of the stickier questions concerning government health care: if it’s tax money going to treat people who have been severely injured, the government may decide it can cut costs by mandating safety measures. That might not be an inevitable consequence, but it’s possible.

        My brother didn’t wear a seatbelt until he started working at a car salvage lot. He replaced one too many bloody windshields.

      4. Your Idea is OK as long as the “cost to society” is zero.  So, No seatbelt (helmet) – No ambulance!

        There – sorted

      5. I’d like to have the option as well.  No, scratch that.  I’ll take having to wear a seat belt if it means I could buy a car that doesn’t have 10+ air bags, stability control, and a bunch of other features I don’t care for (and that are costing me more money.)

      6. I suggest you also consider the potential cost to you, individually. If you make a mistake while driving and cause a crash and some of the people who crash suffer tremendous medical bill *because* (causation is key, assume MDs testify to what medical cost would have been averted by seat belts) then, depending on which jurisdiction you crashed in, you may have to pay for the treatment of the injuries that would have been avoided had the others had seat belts.

        While there are good arguments either way, the combination of 1) saving lives, 2) avoiding children of idiots being raised to believe that seat belts are useless “‘cuz Dad never wore ’em”, and 3) the above, tip the scales for me.

      7. Do you think there is only one person on the road at a or something?  What do you think happens when someone loses control of a vehicle because they weren’t wearing a seat-belt? What about when they fly out of a window? There are other cars on the road, aren’t there?  Both their body and the car they no longer have any chance at all to control will hit other cars and kill other people.

        Why does no one ever consider this when this discussion comes up? Seriously?!

  3. “Next: a seat belt for drivers who don’t like wearing shirts.”

    And after that: tattoos for drivers who don’t like wearing shirts or seatbelts.

    1. A seat belt for drivers who don’t like wearing shirts actually sounds like an appealing product.

      1. as does the laser tattoo removal device that works while you drive, shirtless, to the hair stylist, to freshen up your helmet hair.

    1. When I worked in the hospital, we had a form that a physician could sign excusing you from wearing a seat belt.

    1. Not really sure why my car feels the need to beep continuously without cease when I’m parked in it and take my seat belt off.

    2. I’ve seen these before. I’m pretty sure some car makers actually produce them too, as I’ve seen some matching the actual seatbelts. Maybe they market it as a spare or something. Putting your seatbelt on in a taxi in China is often considered to be kind of insulting, like you’re questioning the driver’s ability. I usually brush it off by getting them to agree that there are a lot of OTHER people on the road who are crazy, so putting a seatbelt on doesn’t necessarily entail criticism of the driver him/herself

  4. In Greece I have seen many motorcycle riders ‘comply’ with the helmet laws by putting their arm through a helmet and wear it on their elbows.  In other words, take an important safety tool and use it to make your ride even more dangerous rather than appear wimpy.

  5. Hey guys, I can’t be bothered wearing a belt across my chest, I’m just going to leave my brain here on the sidewalk for you too clean up, thanks.

  6. These days, when I really need an adrenaline burst I drive around without my seatbelt on. Risky, I know, but what a rush!

  7. I thought somebody would have posted this already, but there is little evidence that seat beats reduce accident fatalities. Try a search for “risk compensation”.

    1. I would laugh, except that I might cry. The car I was sitting in the front seat of almost went under a truck when I was a child, without my belt I would have gone right through that windshield. Perhaps that explains my later habit of putting on a belt as soon as I got into the car, even if I went to read to get away from my brothers. 

      So yeah, I’m alive/without brain damage/huge facial scars because my Mother was responsible and made us all wear our seat belts, all the time

    1. this. +1. agreed. me too. whatever the new lingo is. I can’t agree anymore with this statement.

      Of the handful of people I would trust with my life in an emergency situation, one of them is a guy who has decades of experience as a police officer, fireman and EMS. One of his experiences actually ended up on Rescue 911 back in the day.

      Without disclosing any more information, I can tell you that I heard him tell a driver once, “you don’t have to wear a seatbelt. But, in 30 years, I have never pulled a dead guy out of a seatbelt.”

      I had to wear one to get my first driver’s license (~1992) and it was mandatory well before then, so I have been in the habit for a long time. Now, if I don’t have one on, I feel almost naked.

      Seatbelts have also saved me from catastrophic injury or death a couple times, if we want to play the anecdotal data game. 

  8. People are still complaining about seatbelt laws?  I haven’t heard that one since like the 1980’s.  Are you sure you’re not all just trolling?

    1.  I’m not trolling. There is no doubt that if you are involved in an accident your chances of survival are greatly increased by wearing a seat belt.

       What I am saying is that by wearing a seat belt the average driver feels safer and so drives more recklessly endangering more vulnerable road users. You just need to look at the data for the UK before and after seat belt legislation. The decrease in front seat fatalities is almost completely wiped out by the increase in fatalities of pedestrians and cyclists.

      1. What I am saying is that by wearing a seat belt the average driver feels safer and so drives more recklessly endangering more vulnerable road users.

        Tired, absurd, unsupported argument. Why don’t you prove it?

  9. If you don’t wear a seat belt you are just stupid and you deserve what you have coming to you.

  10. IF someone feels they NEED to wear this, can we also replace their airbag with a balloon?  If nothing else, it would sound awesome in an accident.

  11. I knew this would degenerate into “not wearing a seatbelt is dumb” territory.  Take a good look at this picture, I was 19 years old and a guy drove through a stop sign at about 50 mph.  I was driving a 1980 cutlass, he was driving a 1981 Cutlass (same bumper height).  He skidded a little and the corner of the car hit first, right where my hip was (crushed the cigarettes in my jacket pocket).  The roof and floor anchor points were not moved.  IF I had been wearing a seatbelt, my waist would have been crushed to about 8 inches.  As it happened, I was just thrown into the passenger seat, hard enough that my eyeglasses went flying out the side window.

    1. clicked “like” unintentionally. But what I came to say is that 1980’s vehicle safety devices =/= modern safety devices. I am very glad you are ok, but this 30+ year-old anecdote cannot be compared to today’s safety standards.
      i.e. 1980’s seat belts may have killed ya, but seat belts changed for the better in cars even just 5 or 10 years older…so unless you are still driving a 30-year-old car, you are MUCH SAFER WEARING A SEAT BELT!!

    2. Yeah, sometimes safety gear doesn’t work correctly or works against you, but STATISTICALLY, you’re far, far, far, far, far, FAR FAR FAR more likely to die without a seat belt.

      Your experience is, essentially, a fluke.  I’m glad you survived.  But that is not in any way proof that not wearing a seat belt isn’t dumb.

      Question?  What happens when you (general you) flies out of a window because you weren’t wearing a seat-belt?

      You will probably hit other cars and other people and case far more damage than you might have otherwise.

      And it seems to me that if you are held in place with a seatbelt, you have a far more likely chance to stay in control and avoid getting yourself and others killed — not flying through the window would probably help your chances  don’t you think?

      The seat-belt argument is not just about the person wearing the seat-belt. This point always seems to get lost in the conversation.  You are not the only fucking car on the road.  This kind of attitude is generally what causes accidents in the first place.I don’t care if you don’t want to wear a seat belt. It’s not just about you, buddy.  If you can’t accept that, then sell your car. 

      Oh, and one last question: What if someone had been sitting in that passenger seat?

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