Tanker-truck full of inedible pig blood

Welp, there's something you don't see every day. Unless you work at an abattoir.

“I’m Goin’ to Prom!”


    1. I’m so embarrassed.

      Well, it’s better than having all the girls throw tampons at you in the shower.

      1. I’m hoping that comparison is not based on personal experience.  And thank you for not including the word “used”.

          1. Ah.  Thank you.  You can almost always get past me with a reference to a horror film, as I avoid them.  The characters do such stupid things, like running down the middle of the street to get away from a car.  I can’t bear to watch it.

      1.  Buffyverse vampires were known to live off the stuff for years, when forced to in various ways (Angel’s soul, Spike’s chip, etc.).

        1. One of the funniest moments was a part when Angel had a cup made by Harmony and he pulled a face when she said the secret ingredient is otters.

        1. The funny thing is, Jewish law allows eating nonkosher/treif if it’s required for you to stay alive. So a Jewish vampire may drink blood. Seriously, the things I ran across when researching my screenplay.

    1. Or food coloring agent.  Or cigarette filter ingredient.  Or drug ingredient.
      Lots of uses for pig’s blood that don’t involve directly feeding it to people…

        1. Black pudding. English or the Spanish kind. ‘Everything but the squeal’, as the saying goes…

      1. I had a neighbor in SF who worked in the blood bank. He used to bring home the expired product to fertilize his house plants. Those days are long gone.

        1. Let me guess: he now works in a nursing home and brings home the expired product to fertilise his house plants?

    2. I was driving behind a truck hauling liquid manure once.  It was a hot July day; I had the windows rolled down and we were on a windy country road, moving very slowly.  There was no possibility of passing the truck.  The smell coming off that truck was beyond retched.  I began to gag and slowed down, till finally I pulled off onto the shoulder and just tried to breathe and not vomit. 

      I think that nothing that smells that disgusting should be allowed anywhere near a crop of anything edible.  The only smell I can recall that made me as sick as the liquid manure was rotting blood.  There are probably worse smells; fortunately I haven’t experienced those yet.

        1. What’s on ‘that stretch of I5’ that might be worse?

          There’s a stretch of 36, between Greeley and Fort Morgan where we roll our windows up, turn off the fan and avert our eyes lest it stain our souls and send us even further down the road to eternal damnation for being meateaters. Cattle and sheep feedlots on either side for miles. The stench is of manure, piss, blood, and mostly acres of bovine misery.

          1. Feedlots are abominations for everyone and everything.

            I can’t imagine a more soul deadening place to work except Nazi concentration camps, where nothing come out except for immediate burial.

      1. I used to work next to a mushroom farm that received tanker trucks full of liquified chicken manure once a week as a growing medium.  That was bad.  Very bad.

        The all time worst smell I ever was subjected to, though, was following a collection truck headed for the tallow factory on a hot day in traffic, when I couldn’t immediately take a different route.  Instant gag reflex.  The smell was bad enough to make me long for some liquified manure to mask the tallow truck smell.

        If there was a Scoville hotness scale equivalent scale for stench, the I-5 stockyards would be like a Jalapeño.  Rancid tallow renderings would be more like a Naga Jalokia pepper that makes you beg for mercy.

        1. Ugh!  I was pretty sure that whoever rung in with a stinkier story, it would involve rotting corpses of some sort. I’m pleased to say I’ve been spared that experience.  I’d offer my sympathies, but in a competitive stink storytelling contest, you’re holding a terrific hand.  :^)

          I’ve been trying to figure out what might be worse still… skunk?  wolverine?  a rotting human corpse?  multiple rotting human corpses?  I’ve read that they have to spread deodorizers of a sort on graveyards, if several fresh bodies have been buried there.  The smell of the liquefying remains can travel to open air even from six feet under.

      2. Oh, yes! That reminds me of the nice winds after the farmer who had cows spread cow urin on the fields. Mmm-mm!

        I bought a bag of chicken manure pellets to fertilize my flower bed. Urgh… that was pretty bad, too. Fortunately the smell didn’t reach more that a few meters and dissipated pretty fast.

        1. The truck pulled off onto a dirt road that led to the backside of a large ranch with several hundred head of cattle.  The rancher grew his own hay fields, so the liquid manure was probably for the purpose of fertilizing the grass.

      3. Had to take some stuff to the city dump once. A truck pulled in beside us filled with this yellow slop which was from the local rendering plant. The plant turned things like bloated cow carcasses into fertilizer. The stuff they couldn’t use was taken to the dump. Unbelievable horrid smell. I really don’t know how people could work in that plant.

    3. Yep.  Blood meal is one of the more popular organic nitrogen fertilizers.

      (Just don’t tell your Vegan friends that while they’re chowing down on their organic veggies.  Trust me on this. :-))

    1.  I could maybe choke down a homeopathic pig blood product, diluted about twenty successive times.

      1.  In theory there’d be less pig blood in it than in bottled drinking water, wouldn’t there? 

  1. Am I the only one that thought it might be on its way to an arms facility for use in racist carpet bombs? (For the record I think the US government does many bad things, but am not actually suggesting they would weaponize pork for use against Muslim countries…).

    1. Better to weaponize bio-degradable pork than spent uranium, which has a half-life of centuries. Thanks to NATO ordnance, Boznia will keep having high rates of tumours for quite a long time; a bit of pig blood would have just helped plants grow a bit faster for a year or two.

      1. Better to weaponize bio-degradable pork

        Why bother when raw poultry is already such an effective bioweapon?

  2. It’s probably full whiskey and that’s just a clever way to keep anymore from screwing with it.

  3. Pray tell, what do you guys think blood pudding is made of? Strawberry juice? Although I prefer mine from edible pork blood.

    1. There’s a Taiwanese snack that gets called “rice cakes”, little cubes of rice and pork blood fried crunchy.  I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat the things, but my wife gets them at the local boba drink place.  And there’s black pudding at the pub.

  4. Blood is also used in various microbiological applications, but I don’t know about pig blood.  Gonorrhea plates used powdered beef blood, and strep plates used fresh rabbit blood.  For the strep plates you have to let the agar get pretty cool before you add the blood so it doesn’t coagulate, and then you get that rich steamy coppery fresh blood smell.

      1.  well, my whole MO is to use what I have laying around the crib.  so, yeah.  pig blood.

  5. My guess is this blood is on its way to be dried and then most probably used in fertiliser. It’s dried by blasting it into a superheated  metal tank where the water evaporates and the dried blood falls to the bottom. Same way milk powder is made. I used to work for an animal byproducts exporter so know a lot about this stinky stuff (fish meal is the worst, and it’s also potentially explosive)

    1. Every so once in a while, I think about the game show, ‘What’s My Line?’  That job description sounds like a sure winner – the panel would be stumped.

      1.  Luckily for me the company I was employed by was a middle man between the producer and the overseas buyer, and so the worst we had were sample bags of meal we sent for testing. My primary function was completing the export documentation. However, those sample bags came in handy for garden fertiliser.

    2. My friend’s dad worked his whole life for Birds (they of custard-powder fame). He was blown up several times in food product-related detonations. 

      1. The internet says: “Fish meals with high oil contents can present problems during storage. Fish oil in the meal will oxidise after production and the reaction can lead to considerable rises in temperature. This can become a fire hazard.”

        Combustible might be a better way to describe it rather than explosive. But if its locked up in a shipping container in the sun with other containers all around the results could be pretty disastrous.

        When exporting the stuff the documentation had to note it was a fire hazard.

    1.  It’s animal-grade food, not people. People-grade is produced under more sanitary conditions with stronger regulations. Of course you can have people-grade blood also.

    1. Nom nom nom… abalone is delicious!  Umm, when did you say you might be driving through with this precious cargo?  Maybe a crate could just happen to fall off the backend?

  6. A friends loft looks down into the alley across from the Detroit Eastern Market slaughterhouses.  Workers rinse the floors with a hose, and the blood runs out under the loading dock doors, and falls into the street sewers.  Around that same time, the ‘Stomach Truck’, a stake truck with an open top we can look down into will rumble through, filled to the top with jiggly innards, mostly stomachs.  Never feel the urge to jump into it, though it could be a great setup for a Kung-Fu movie escape. Mmmm..what delicious wonders a meat based diet conceal…

    1. It’s probably going to an exclusive sex fetish club.  

      It’s hard to dismiss that idea when so many impressionable young guys have been raised on slasher movies.  

  7. Because, you know, anytime there’s a truck of blood on the highway it attracts crowds of people with straws and cups looking for a handout.

  8. Reminds me when I worked at a Toronto abbatoire; the plant filled one whole tanker truck every 8 hours! What goes out in the tanker isn’t the worst; you should  see what goes out in the covered trucks, and into the city sewers.

  9. I was driving in the middle of nowhere California, and came up on a big rig with the ‘radioactive hazard’ triangle open on the back. Passed it very quickly. 

  10. I’m more reminded of ‘Pig Blood Blues’ by Clive Barker:

    “Don’t believe them if they said I never loved you, or if they said I ran away. I never did. They fed me to the pig. I love you. -Tommy”

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