The Rise of Web Comics: a short PBS documentary


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  1. stillcantfightthedite says:

    I’m surprised you guys still haven’t mentioned the Kickstarted documentary “Stripped” on BoingBoing.  Seriously, check it out:

  2. gnp says:

    A great summary of the ways in which webcomics thrive on the Internet and the positive vibes between creators and fans.  Not so much a discussion of how webcomics actually rose.  After the “black-and-white implosion” of indie comics speculation and publishing in the late 80s, comic book stores started going under ,and distributors were either bought up or faced bankruptcy, until Diamond was the only big distributor left.

    The Web came along in the 1990s with just the right timing, allowing indie comics artists to distrubute their work to a wide audience, without all the publishing/distribution/sales issues – at least until they started to get really popular and had bandwidth concerns.

  3. Love those Off-book documentaries. Also recommended is this very enjoyable Ignite Phoenix speech on Webcomics (though sound quality isn’t great):

  4. Mazarine says:

    how could they not mention Pokey the Penguin? One of the first, best web comics made of pixel art?

    If you don’t know what Pokey is, you’re in for a treat:

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