EFF explains yesterday's National Security Letter ruling


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  1. lava says:

    This country is so on the slippery slope. 

    • WinstonSmith2012 says:

      I strongly suspect that if we knew more about what’s going on under the cloak of secrecy, we’d say it has already slipped, probably quite some time ago.  “Church Committee rulings and resulting restrictions?! Pffft, we’ve long ago found workarounds through data from private corporations… and your neighbors.”



      or, much better yet, read the book upon which it is based if you haven’t already.  The book is vastly more damning than the PBS Frontline episode and that, along with several other unremarkable Frontlines and a Nova unfortunately indicate to me that even PBS can no longer be counted upon to do good investigative journalism or even report upon it.

    • Gerald Mander says:

       And wearing skis.

  2. Shinkuhadoken says:

    That’s one more win for the good guys!

    • Brainspore says:

      Do not underestimate the power of a group of dedicated, bespectacled bearded geeks. (I’m counting the woman’s scarf as an honorary beard.)

  3. Who invented those NSLs anyway ? They seem so anti-everything they sound like they were made up by Beria or Himler or something.

  4. PatGinSD says:

    Thank you so much for protecting our freedoms!
    It seems our government hates us for our freedoms…
    oops- what does that make them? Bush said something about that…

    • teapot says:

      If you mean that then I hope you (and everyone else) has donated to the EFF.

      If you donate not only do you get sweet membership stuff like tshirts to spread the word about EFF in meat-space, you also get a high-five from the internet every time something like this happens.

      Thanks EFF and BB, from where I heard about EFF.

  5. Andrew Singleton says:

    Real Life heroes if i’ve ever seen any. Not as dramatic as firefighters or paramedics, but they protect and secure our freedoms from overreaching idiots. Doesn’t matter if those that think this crap up mean well or not. It’s still stupid to have ever considered the idea of a no-external-review gag order that you’re not even allowed to talk about.

  6. spocko says:

    YAY! These are great people. And, I’d like to suggestion one way of  thanking them for their work is to become a member if you aren’t already. Plus, if you want you can get a really cool hat!

  7. Mark Neumayer says:

    I salute our bespectacled defenders of freedom!

  8. Kl-0 says:

    Is everyone in the EFF related to one another? Or do they all just shop at the same eyeglasses shop? Also, kudos to the EFF for this success. I look forward to following this case as it wends its way through the appeals process.

  9. David Rodriguez says:

    God bless EFF!

  10. batmanroxus says:

    One for the home team, and liberty.

  11. Marc45 says:

    Well I’ll be damned! All those EFF donations I’ve made are coming to fruition :)

  12. Stefan Jones says:

    Just donated $100.00.

  13. Petzl says:

    How does facial hair and corrective lenses correlate so closely with litigating for the First Amendment?

  14. samari711 says:

    I guess 10 years to strike down blatantly unconstitutional laws is better than nothing, but not much.

  15. cavalrysword says:

    Excellent ruling!  Not only am I proud of the EFF, I am proud of the Judge.

    Nice to see the honor in the mandatory “your Honor”.  8)

  16. Jasonclock says:

    That lady needs a beard and a haircut.

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