Don't miss Joel Johnson's Gizmodo gadget show tonight on BBCA


9 Responses to “Don't miss Joel Johnson's Gizmodo gadget show tonight on BBCA”

  1. pepe_le_jew says:

    Based on that single photo, it’s apparent this show will not last very long.

  2. SeattlePete says:

    In this episode: How to peg your jeans with a Dyson.

  3. pupdog says:

    I love how BBCAmerica is filling in their schedule – Nerdist, Giz – Don’t we want a bb show next?

  4. theophrastvs says:

    They wept like anything to see
    Such quantities of sand:
    “If this were only cleared away,”
    They said, “it would be grand!”
    “If seven maids with seven mops
    Swept it for half a year.
    Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,
    “That they could get it clear?”

    …however if they had a Dyson™

  5. LogrusZed says:

    If it’s a Giz show then the commercials need to be something along the lines of “That’s right Steve, I didn’t know my friend Tom’s ex-wife could make up to $1,456 a week from home!” and the credits should just be a commenting flamewar that goes full Godwin about 1.5 seconds in to the scroll.

  6. redesigned says:

    As a long time reader of gizmodo, i really really miss the old days of quality content, editors, and fact checkers.  I remember when they did gadget testing and wrote new unique articles that weren’t just loosely edited reddit or boing boing reposts.

    That was their golden days before it all became clickbait. *sighs wistfully*

    boing boing, lifehacker, and gizmodo used to be my 3 daily gotos. Thank gawd that boing boing has kept the quality high and not gone the route of those others.  thank you boing boing!  keep on rocking.

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