Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom read-aloud part 01

As I mentioned in my March Locus column, I'm celebrating the tenth anniversary of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by planning a prequel volume. As part of that planning, I'm going to read aloud the entire text of that first book into my podcast, making notes on the book as I go. Here's part one.

Mastering by John Taylor Williams:

John Taylor Williams is a audiovisual and multimedia producer based in Washington, DC and the co-host of the Living Proof Brew Cast. Hear him wax poetic over a pint or two of beer by visiting In his free time he makes "Beer Jewelry" and "Odd Musical Furniture." He often "meditates while reading cookbooks."

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  1. I think Cory did a reading of this 10 years ago.
    As for the current reading…can anyone help me to DL the reading to my Pad/Pod/Tunes library?
    And YES…I Purchased the hard copy book…but want to turn the SO on it as we listen to audio books on an ancient (non internet) Ipod bedside. 

    1. Okay, let’s go. There are two basic ways:

      1) Use the podcast. This will automatically download all episodes of Cory reading the book, so it will be a lot easier in the long run.

      – Open iTunes
      – Go the iTunes Store
      – Go to Podcasts
      – Search for “Cory Doctorow’s craphound podcast”
      – Subscribe to it (the episode where he starts reading hasn’t appeared in the feed yet, so you might have to wait a bit)
      – From now on, iTunes will automatically download everything Cory publishes to the feed, and you can sync it easily to your devices.

      (Sidenote: There seems to be a free podcast of the book from 2009 in the iTunes Podcast directory, so if you’re impatient, you can also use that.)

      2) Right click and “save as…” on the “MP3 link” above, then drag and drop your file into iTunes. This will import it into your library, but you will have to manually download and import new episodes.

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