Interview with Joel, Veronica, and Greg of Gizmodo's Gadget Testers


7 Responses to “Interview with Joel, Veronica, and Greg of Gizmodo's Gadget Testers”

  1. brandonmwest says:

    Can’t wait to watch this tonight.

  2. Crashproof says:

    I read that as “gadget tasters”, and, well.  yeah.

  3. Billy Green says:

    They’re testing the GoPro Hero2 and referring to it as the “Next Generation”?  They lose credibility before they even start.

    • evann says:

      They must’ve filmed this segment last summer.

      • Billy Green says:

        Possibly even before that, since I didn’t hear them say anything like, “By the way, GoPro has announced (or “there are rumors”) that the Hero3 will be released this Autumn, promising improved optics and new features, so by the time you see this program, there might be a new model available.”

        It’s kind of like watching a news broadcast from a year ago and thinking that they’re talking about stuff that happened this afternoon.  Gosh, that Presidential race sure sounds like it’s going to be a squeaker!

        The bottom line:  This is not a cutting-edge-technology program, it’s a bit distant from Gizmodo’s online presence and persona, and I am so very much not in the program’s target audience.

  4. bob therieau says:

    Sorry. The dopey ACTION SPORTS!!! guitar thing means that I’m already done.  Buh.

  5. TacoChuck says:

    There is no torrent of the show up yet, that is not a good sign and not helpful to a show that needs all the exposure it can get. And torrent users are probably directly in this show’s target demo.

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