Just look at this banana sculpture.

Just look at it.

fruit - Matt James Stone (Thanks, Marie!)


    1. Neither can I! But that is EXACTLY what it looks like. Maybe bananas will soon be replacing Lego as the sci-fi sculpture medium de jour?

  1. I doubt cory will be looking these comments.

    But why hasn’t the most awesome BANANA place on the planet in Austriala been posted? (or has it?)….


    Rides and atrractions and a Mutimedia attraction about the “WORLD OF BANANAS”. Automatic doors leads you into the space of the worlds of the Bananas…it’s PURE MAGIC.


    JUST LOOK AT IT…Disney like “Holograms” Theater for the world of Bananas…game rooms. Rides and banana themed zip lines..playgrounds etc. Amazing. You may have to drill deep into the site to get the full Banana goodness. They seemed to make it not just a road side attraction..but a Banana themed family fun place.

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