New Mars Attack art by living legend pulp artist Earl Norem


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Isn’t it weird how aliens from totally different evolutionary lineages still know to carry off and ravish nubile earth-maidens?

    They probably grow from spores and have a hive mind or something; but bam just as accurate as if they were mammalian raiders from that other tribe that lives over the hill…

    •  She has actually entered a deeply meditative state from which she can control the alien’s mind and force the alien to abandon her destructive mission (what, you thought that was a guy?) and carry her to safety.

    • Brainspore says:

      I wrote up a whole paper on that phenomenon once. Most of the women look so similar that I have a suspicion that it’s really just one blonde with a fainting-in-the-arms-of-a-monster fetish.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Maybe she’s taking her to a medical facility after a successful liberation action by Martian Feminists in Solidarity with Earthling Women.

  2. LintMan says:

    Terrible movie.  It didn’t work as a parody or satire or comedy or straight-up sci–fi.

  3. Christopher says:

    The spread for “Cycle Ravishers” is priceless. Who would’ve thought that a bunch of motorcycle riding guys would have no interest in women? 

  4. Jules Pitt says:

    Just wanted to point out, for the benefit of people who live in or around the Hartford Connecticut area that it’s the Travelers’ Tower being destroyed in the background.

  5. Kendra Billings says:

    Ugh. The damsel in distress trope drives me up the wall. Here we’re also sexualizing an unconscious woman. Yeah…

    The art is fantastic, the subject MUCH less so. 

    • Ramone says:

      I get your point but…it’s making fun of 50s tropes to begin with? The whole point is that the ideas are passe. 

    • Capital_7 says:

      Way to slam it to a parody of a hundred year old trope! You really called it out for what it is!  You might be the first person to see it that way too!

  6. Nadreck says:

    They missed the greatest “Savage Sword” cover ever!  #12 is a masterful blend of supernatural elements: the heroine’s posterior; Conan’s huge sword with decorative dangling balls; and zombies and stuff.

  7. Stephen Jones says:

    Let’s not forget the original trading card set that inspired all of this by one of the greatest pulp artists of all time, Norman Saunders:,01.html

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