Yogurt for manly men

A company called "Powerful Yogurt" has shipped a line of "brogurt" -- single-serving bacteria cultures that are meant to appeal to manly men who are put off by the femininity of traditional yogurt packaging. Comedian Jessi Klein said of the product on an episode of NPR's Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me, "If male yogurt marketing is anywhere near as annoying as female yogurt marketing, you are in for a treat. Every female yogurt commercial is basically like women in a wedding dress just petting a kitten and eating yogurt."

Now NPR has a full review:

Peter: I liked the fact there was no lid. You had to smash it on your forehead to get to it.

Ian: I guess this is pretty manly, but not as manly as that Dannon flavor you have to hunt and kill with your bare hands.

Mike: This is good. Like, this is "morning after a night in a Tijuana brothel and I still have both my kidneys" good.

Brogurt doesn't taste so different than regular yogurt. We were sort of hoping for manly flavors, like "Truck" or "Mixed Berry Martial Arts."

Miles: I could really go for some "Essence of Burt Reynolds."

Mike: I like that yogurt flavor titles do not appear on bill.

Yogurt For Men: A Review [Ian Chillag/NPR]