Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Cold Crush Bros. Weekend, McLaren's Buffalo Gals

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  1. Gosh, I loved that album.  It introduce me to rap, south african pop and DJ culture.

     I’m still looking for an original version of Boyoyo Boys ‘Puleng’ which was ripped up for Punk it up.

    But here is the original music used for Jive my baby.

  2.  Thanks. This was a part of hip-hop history I missed out on. I heard The Sequence at my 8th grade dance. I heard lots of rap at my HS as dudes as black dudes had been bussed to my HS since 1961 when they closed the Carverdale Freedmen’s School. That was 20 years before I went to HS, but Carverdale was a still a distinct community at that time. I was quite well exposed to early hip-hop.

    I hope this series goes long enough to include the Geto Boys and other Rap-a-Lot artists from Houston. Beck would never have become a star without a boost from “Loser”, a Rap-a-Lot record.

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