Just look at this human-sized banana.

Just look at it.

Ella's Deli and Ice Cream Parlor (Thanks, Viktor!)


45 Responses to “Just look at this human-sized banana.”

  1. peregrinus says:

    Just look at that laminated sheet of paper.  What’s it hiding??

  2. morkl says:

    Would you rather fight one human sized banana or one hundred banana sized humans?

  3. Ben Freund says:

    Excellent corned beef here, I can attest.

  4. Chenzorama says:

    I’m terrified. 

  5. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    When you just look at the human-sized banana, the human-sized banana just looks at you(you hope, unlike the abyss it may not stop there).

  6. Rotwang says:

    The stuff of banana-flavored nightmares.

  7. Preston Sturges says:

    Another apparently human sized and disturbingly cheerful banana


  8. Bradley Robinson says:

    At long last: A practical application for http://boingboing.net/2013/03/15/55-gallons-of-personal-lube.html

  9. Shockingly, that banana is one of the least terrifying papier-mâché sculptures there.  I go up to Ella’s Deli once or twice a year for nostalgia. My parents used to take my sister and I there once a week when we were children. The food is so-so, but the atmosphere is unforgettable (especially if you’re afraid of clowns).

  10. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    I will have a banana split…I will have a banana split….

  11. CLamb says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to peel a banana and find a face on it?  Hmmm, maybe with a fine needle syringe and a bit of food dye…

  12. Mister Eppy says:

    Autophagy tag seems applicable here, Cory, what with the bananaman overseeing the dicing and slicing of his Musa-kin.

  13. charming.quark says:

    Is it peanut butter jelly time?

  14. originalritz says:

    Reminds me a bit of Dutch Dreams in Toronto… whattayathink Cory?
    Nothing as fanciful as a human sized banana there though, unfortunately. Just ridiculous line-ups out the door in the summertime!

  15. Jack Wangelin says:

    Is that a human in it’s pocket or is it just happy to see me?

  16. Nash Rambler says:

    “Just look at it.”

    It’s looking at me, man!

  17. bmk says:

    “Creative control, spin-off rights and theme park approval for Mr. Banana Grabber, Baby Banana Grabber, and any other Banana Grabber family character that might emanate there from.”

  18. SedanChair says:


  19. Jamie Blaney says:

    I grew up next door to this restaurant. When I was young I would sit and watch a worker make some amazing animated sculptures to display there. 

  20. malindrome says:

    In Soviet Russia, banana peels YOU!

  21. pjcamp says:

    Isn’t that the “Dead Like Me” restaurant? No wonder the banana has to hide its business.

  22. Rich Keller says:

    They have the best kugel. We stop there just about every time we pass through Madison.

  23. brucearthurs says:

    Scary Clown DNA.  Banana DNA.  Mix.

    Or could this be a prop for an offshoot of the “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” movie franchise?

  24. Blue Ninja says:

    Christ that brings back memories! I don’t remember the banana oddly enough, but I remember the carousel paneling at the top of the walls. I thought to myself, “Hey, that looks like that deli in Madison.” And sure enough, Ella’s Deli. They had the best cherry Cokes, which now is apparently Pepsi. They used to offer lemon cokes too. Definitely one of the best things about Madison. Good times.

  25. venkatesh krishna says:

    Wow, If its a real banana, what is the size of banana tree ???

    And find History of Banana here.

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