Kim Newman's critically-acclaimed 1993 horror novel re-issued (excerpt)


3 Responses to “Kim Newman's critically-acclaimed 1993 horror novel re-issued (excerpt)”

  1. Daddacool says:

    Great book. I remember getting it when it came out. Kim Newman’s film reviews and encyclopedic knowledge of film are also worth mentioning too :)

  2. Dave Pease says:

    I’ve never read a book credited to Kim Newman.  But the Jack Yeovil Dark Future books were awesome–way better than novelizations by Games Workshop had any right to expect.  Wish he’d Kickstarter to finish the Demon Download cycle…

  3. xwizbt says:

    I still think Orgy Of The Blood Parasites is excellent gory horror, and the name is just brilliant. That was a Jack Yeovil one, too.

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