Mickey Mouse Moleskine

Last year I ordered a few Lego limited-edition Moleskines. The "limit" must be very high, as they are still available on Amazon. I don't care, because I never intended to keep them as collector's items anyway. This month, Moleskin published a limited edition Mickey Mouse Moleskine. It has an embossed Mickey on the cover, and includes a pull-out guide to drawing the famous rodent.

Moleskine Mickey Notebook Plain Large $16.32


  1. Oh sure, use the hide of an unpopular Disney rodent just to provide binding for a book honoring the famous one.

  2. has mickey developed spidermouse (properly located assoid) spinnerettes?  or is has he just asslaunched a mouseketeer-deatheater mark?

  3. Does anybody else find it ironic that this post promoting a Mickey Mouse branded item comes immediately before one decrying copyrights in perpetuity?

    1.  I’m still trying to understand why people are willing to pay as much as they do for a moleskine in the first place.

    2. I would find it ironic had both posts been written by the same mutant. But since they were written by different semi-humanoids, I find it as refreshing as an ice cold pan galactic gargle blaster.

    1. You have figured out their evil plan. Men in ears and white gloves will be along shortly to collect you. Please remain indoors.

  4. Yes, my first thought was, “Why is Mickey Mouse hanging from a spiderweb? Coming out of his butt?” Then, “Wait, I think that was added by the owner. Well played, sir. Well played.” 

  5. I like how the one review on Amazon is a diatribe on the evils of Disney’s Copyright abuses.

  6. If there’s one thing Pawn Stars has taught me, things labeled “Collector’s Edition”, aren’t collectible; and anything labeled “limited edition”, is only limited by their maximum level of production.

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