More deadly and dumb Danish TV stunts at 2500 fps

Here's a follow up to Dumt and Farligt's 2012 video in which Danish show (its name translates as "Stupid and Dangerous") enacts a series of improbable, destructive stunts while recording at 2500 fps. The resulting slomos are dreamlike bullet-time sequences of devastation and absurdity, and really rather good. Exploding camper at 3:02 FTW, and 60,000 matches right afterward? Perfecto!

Dumt & Farligt - Again - Phantom Flex Highlights - 1080p (via Kottke)


  1. It looked like they were shooting stuff with an air rifle.  No 12 gauge slugs there!

    1. yeah.  I’m pretty much convinced the “bullet” that hit the coke bottle was a .177 air rifle round.  The holes are just too small and neat for a .22 bullet, which would have gouged a bigger hole in the bottle at the exit.

  2. The very last one was in a class by itself. The others were pretty much by-the-numbers destruction fantasy fulfillment, but rubber-banding a watermelon until it fails structurally would simply never occur to me. The dramatic tension of the people about to get showered with juice was nice too.

    As for dynamiting the trees; did that look rather uncomfortably close to those houses (and without guy ropes) to anyone else?

    1. I was more troubled by all the flying shrapnel – like a gorram age-of-sail naval battle, there was so much wood in the air.

    2. The slo-mo guys have done the watermelon stunt too, if you want to see more of that sort of thing (hint: you do)

      My favorite was the piggy bank on the lawn mower. Poor little piggy almost bounced away from the blades unharmed, but nope. Missed it by an inch or two!

  3. Man, a Phantom Flex is on my wish list, and has been for a long time. Total specialty camera, and from what I understand, kind of a pain to operate, but spending your life recording crap blowing up and getting destroyed at super slow speed sounds like fun to me…

  4. Do lawnmowers not have safety cutoffs in case of being turned upside down, or did they disable it for the piggy bank?

    /me has never had a lawn

    1. I don’t know about in Europe but in America they only have a safety cutoff when you let go of the handle, which can easily be defeated.  Twenty years ago they didn’t have any safety protection (maybe it was longer ago than that.)  At the same time they also lasted 15-20 years before falling apart compared to today’s five.

      Of course the more I think about it I’m pretty sure it is electric. A gas version wouldn’t run very long flipped upside down.

  5. The camper one was fascinating; you could see the fire pushing out like a snake through the front window.

  6. I am not sure which came first, but the “Slow Mo” guys on youtube also do the watermelon/rubber band stunt.

    I remember when I first happened upon their channel how much of a “why didn’t I think of that” moment I had.

    You can make a real living doing youtube videos, my understanding is that it is approximately $3000 per 1 million views you get for videos.

  7. After seeing the watermelon I now have an interesting suggestion anytime someone asks if anyone want to play Jenga.

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