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5 Responses to “My talk on copyright, ebooks and libraries for the Library of Congress”

  1. Stickarm says:

    What was the fourth thing after Technology, Law and Norms? My thought was Education.

  2. It was a pleasure to see while hearing Mr. Doctorow speaking. The phrase “The burning of the libraries at Alexandria” repeatedly ran through my mind. The victors rewrite history. It was an unexpected twist he redefined what piracy actually is in such a clever way. Hopefully not in a way that becomes lost in the Digitotalitarianism that seems to be upon us like a rabid 7-headed Orwellian corporate beast.

  3. Travis Rice says:

    A wonderful talk – wish I was there to applaud in person.  Very powerful to hear it vs. reading it.
    Also, where’s the water drinking supercut?

  4. Librarians rule! – the ALA awarded its first posthumous James Madison award – to Aaron Swartz