Occupy SXSW 2013


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  2. Glaurung-Quena says:

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  4. billstewart says:

    Is “Occupy Austin” still around?  They used to hang out in front of buildings down near the river.

    •  Occupy Austin is not so active these days. They were infiltrated by the Austin PD who took their most hardcore members to Houston for the Occupy the Ports event on #D12. The events that followed, led by an undercover agent from the Austin PD operating outside his jurisdiction in Houston resulted in federal terrorism charges being filed against a few Occupy Houston and Occupy Austin members.

      If you want to see some of the SXSW bands without the crowds, a good chunk of them perform a show in Houston before heading to Austin. Maybe not everyone you’d like to see, but most of the youngest and hungriest bands hit Houston a few days before SXSW.

    • swelljoe says:

      Yep, OA is still around.

      OA did this: http://www.austinchronicle.com/occupy-austin/2013-03-14/11/

      Here’s the schedule of events OA put together during this year’s SXSW: http://occupyaustin.org/southby/

      OA also helped put together the Musical March for Peace.It all went pretty well.

      OA is much smaller these days, but currently made up of a lot of really dedicated activists. It acts in a supporting role a lot more often these days, and you’ll never know they’re there, unless you recognize the participants…but, damned near anything in the Austin activist community has an OA presence. The Occupy brand has negative value among more conservative progressives (the kind who think getting out the vote and electing democrats is what all activists ought to be doing), and so many OA folks stay quiet about their involvement in more radical groups…but, they’re there.

  5. This is clearly a joke, but I can’t work out which kind.

  6. Doctor J. Orbital Death-Ray says:

    Wasn’t SXSW a music festival at one time?

  7. Hey, thanks for the comment on my photo. :) I’d have granted use if you’d asked. Only now even seeing your comment from 10 hours ago.

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