Chatting with Techdirt about Pirate Cinema

My novel Pirate Cinema is the current TechDirt Book Club selection, and we're kicking it off today with a Google+ hangout in about five minutes. I've never done a Hangout before -- I don't have a G+ account because I object to its "real names" policy, but I've created a throwaway account for the occasion.

Live Video: Cory Doctorow Talking With Techdirt About Pirate Cinema, Copyright Law & More


  1. Didn’t Google Plus reverse this policy a while ago? Also, are you boycotting Boing Boing’s comment system too? It asks me for identifying information to post this comment.

    1. We don’t require you to use a real name or anything that resembles a real name.

      1. Have you looked at google plus recently? Either they cancelled this policy or they don’t enforce it. Meanwhile Cory’s misinformed boycott sits next to a post urging us to connect to Boingboing… on google plus and facebook. Spin it however you like but it looks like a factual error to me, at best.

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