CNN's coverage of the 2003 Iraq invasion, time-lapsed

Ten years ago this week, the US invaded Iraq and experimental filmmaker Bob Jaroc started a month-long recording of CNN that he later time-lapsed. The resulting stream of past current events, seen above, appeared on the 2006 collaborative album/DVD Jaroc released with electronic music duo Plain, titled "Greedy Baby," and in Plaid's live shows.


  1. Watching the arrogance of the right wing war boosters on this anniversary has been maddening, even more entertaining has been watching all the respected and very opinionated “liberal” journalists, politicians etc. that were for the war being very, very quiet on Twitter etc…. weasels.

  2. This kinda reminds me of another video that an artist did of the Desert Storm coverage by CNN.  The artist(s) made an ever-quickening montage of the CNN broadcast and paired it with commercials aired during that same broadcast, so what you see is Boeing-made missile hitting target, then smiling people boarding Boeing planes.  Anybody know the artist or the work?

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