Happy birthday, Lee "Scratch" Perry! (and 1985 interview video)

Happy birthday, Lee "Scratch" Perry! The dub pioneer is 77 today. Here is an interview with Perry from the 1985 documentary "Jools in Jamaica," hosted by non other than Squeeze founder and TV/radio presenter, Jools Holland.


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  1. haineux says:

    Few people realize that LEE SCRATCH PERRY invented WAT

  2. Andre M says:


  3. Calvin Rodo says:

    I saw him perform in Ottawa at Blues Fest a few years back it was kind of bizarre. He had forgotten the words to a lot of the songs that he wrote, and he went on a ten minute Tirade against the Queen of England, and about bottled water.

    Halfway through his set he just decided to leave and just walked off stage half way through a song, he was convinced back and did the rest of the set holding his luggage in one hand with half his jacket on.

    I have to say it certainly made for a memorable show.

  4. Mark Stephan says:

    I got a CD of Bob Marley and Lee “Scratch” Perry… one of my favorites in my collection…

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