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4 Responses to “Happy birthday, Lee "Scratch" Perry! (and 1985 interview video)”

  1. haineux says:

    Few people realize that LEE SCRATCH PERRY invented WAT

  2. Andre M says:


  3. Calvin Rodo says:

    I saw him perform in Ottawa at Blues Fest a few years back it was kind of bizarre. He had forgotten the words to a lot of the songs that he wrote, and he went on a ten minute Tirade against the Queen of England, and about bottled water.

    Halfway through his set he just decided to leave and just walked off stage half way through a song, he was convinced back and did the rest of the set holding his luggage in one hand with half his jacket on.

    I have to say it certainly made for a memorable show.

  4. Mark Stephan says:

    I got a CD of Bob Marley and Lee “Scratch” Perry… one of my favorites in my collection…