James Herbert, esteemed British horror/SF author, RIP

Herbbbb Famed British horror/dystopian fiction author James Herbert has died at age 69. Herbert was the author of more than twenty scary, science fiction, and/or apocalyptic tales like the 1970s man-eating rodent classics The Rats and Lair, and also The Fog, about an insanity-inducing chemical weapon.

"James Herbert: Master of British horror fiction" (The Guardian)

James Herbert (Amazon)


  1. Au revoir James – you kept my early teens full of stories and clear of ferocious rodents.

  2. The only book of his I’ve read is The Fog.  It has several memorial scenes, like the woman who tries to drown herself at a beach town, changes her mind, then is pushed back into the ocean when the whole town walks into the sea en mass.  It is like the George Romero movie The Crazies http://youtu.be/4G-Udp3gjXA

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