Mr. Green shows how he composed a song for Rime

Mr. Green had fun making a song for graffiti writer Rime at Art Basel.

Back at it for December, 2012′s Art Basel, Rime and The Seventh Letter teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and Live From The Streets to bring an out of the box experience to Miami. With rented UHaul trucks to be painted, mobile music performances, and a cache of alcohol, weed, and mushrooms on deck, Rime and crew were able to keep the party going through out the week. Long nights of painting, partying, disappearing people and vehicles, and outwitting cock blocking cops made for hard to forget adventure.

See the 10-minute video here


  1. Is it really that easy to make passable music these days, or is this just someone making what’s still hard look easy?

    1.  It depends. If you swipe the samples, it is pretty easy. If you don’t swipe then it is harder.

      Although at the end of the day, taste is involved, as well you usually require a good deal of training and listening and criticism to get the point where it is seamless.

      If you listen to his drum machine, his little drum riff that he creates is really boring, and it takes skill to understand how that boring piece will fit into something less boring.

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